Workout plan for January 2011

I've got 1 more workout for 2010 and then I start 2011! I'm still working on my preliminary training for the Mississauga half-marathon. Starting January 17th, I will be in full swing of my training. I will be using the Toronto Women's Half Marathon training program (17-week Half Marathon Schedule for a 1:45 - 2-hour finish time). I also will be starting a new workout program. Quadriceps - Leg Extension
Hamstrings - Lying Leg Curl
Calves - Standing Calf Raise
Back - Back Extensions
Deltoid (Side) - Dumbbell Upright Row
Biceps - Barbell Curl
Chest - Lever Pec Deck Fly
Deltoid (Front) - Dumbbell Front Raise
Triceps - Tricep Press machine
Abdominal - machine (some kind of push machine, can't find it online)
Obliques - Stability ball oblique crunch exercise

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