Workout for the off-season

I have come up with a new workout routine. Still doing some running, but adding elliptical as it will be easier when the weather is bad (I have 1 in my living room). I also will be riding my bike, weather permitting of course.

Quads - Squat
Hamstrings - Hamstring Bridge to Curl on Stability Ball
Calves - Single Leg Forward Angled Calf Raise
Lats (Back) - Cable Pulldown
Chest - Chest press on the ball
Deltoids (Front) - Dumbbell Front Raise
Biceps - Dumbbell Curl
Triceps - Standing Dumbbell Tricep Extension
Abdominals - Vertical Leg Crunch

I will do the weights on Monday, Wednesday & Saturday. I will run on Tuesday, Thursday & Sunday. I will also get on the elliptical on Friday. This should keep me active for awhile. I may adjust accordingly, if weather is bad I may get on the elliptical instead or if I know weather is going to be bad on the Sunday I'll run on Saturday instead and do weights on Friday and elliptical on Sunday. I'm going to make sure I'm flexible and adjust this plan if it's too much or too little.

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