A Welcome to 2014

A new day, a new year. I actually started training on Monday December 30th, but since today is the start of a new year, I figured I should post about my 2014 races.

I am currently signed up for 5 races this year and eventually will be signed up for a 6th. I'll be doing 2 running events & 4 triathlons. No biggie.

My first race will be the Toronto Yonge St 10k. This will be my first time running this event, but I did do the Sportling Life 10k a couple of times a few years ago and it is almost the same race. Same route & organizers as the previous Sporting Life event, but there were issues between CRS and Sporting Life and CRS created a separate 10k event. I had volunteered last year for the Yonge St 10k and saw it was well organized & didn't have the insane amount of people as the Sporting Life so I decided to do this one. In the past I would have done a 1/2 marathon in the spring but I have another bigger race in June and doing a 1/2 marathon in May would have been too much. The other reason I picked a 10k? I actually haven't done just a 10k since 2010. When I did the Toronto Triathlon Festival I did the Olympic tri and in doing the 10k I got a PR. It kind of planted the seed to do a 10k again and see if I could be even faster. Will see though.

The next race will be my first triathlon of the year. I will be doing a sprint triathlon in Woodstock, ON. This is mostly just to prep me for the "big" triathlon in June. I actually grew up close to this place as a kid and drove past the area at least 5-6 times a year to go to see family in Brantford. I didn't even know this place existed!

After that will be my first 'A' race of the year. I'll be doing the 1/2-Iron distance in Welland, ON. I get to swim in the Welland Canal! I wanted to do a 1/2 Iron distance again this year. It didn't matter to me if it was an official Ironman or not and this is one of the closer races. I didn't want to do Muskoka again this year & it was too late to sign up for Ironman Mont Tremblant 70.3 as it was already sold out. Remind me in June to get on that for 2015! Irina will also be doing this race with me as part of her prep for the Ironman Mont Tremblant 140.6 in August.

The next month I will be doing the Toronto Triathlon Festival again. This race was so well done last year and it also gives me an opportunity to compare myself year over year. Should be fun and Irina & Zindine will be doing this again with me. I've also convinced others to sign up, I'm slowly turning people into triathlets. ;)

In August I will be doing another olympic triathlon, this time in Lakeside, ON. This is mostly because I want more experience in doing triathlons and it was also the sight of my first triathlon back in 2012. The first time I was there I only did a sprint, but this time I will conquer the oly. It's also close to my hometown of Stratford, which is always nice to go visit.

I have signed up for all of those races, but the last race of the year I have been debating on for the last few months. Although I liked the Hamilton Marathon, I didn't like racing in November. It got very cold so I wanted to do something in October again. There are 2 other marathons that were close to Toronto that month, 1 in Prince Edward County and another in Niagara Falls. Instead, at this point, I'm leaning towards the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon. It's close and since I have a bit of traveling to do for 3 of my races this year, it's more cost effective for me.

Looking forward to my 2014 races!


Looks like you are totally smitten by the triathlon bug. Thanks for sharing your stories and inspiring me to do some tri this year!


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