Weight Exercises for March (Push)

Started a new exercise program today. It's my 3rd different routine since the new year. I find that changing it up every 4 to 6 weeks keeps me from getting bored and more importantly motivated to keep at it.

I do a 2 day split, divided by push/pull exercises. Day 1 and 3 are push exercises and day 2 and 4 are pull exercises. Today I started with the push exercises.

Chest (General) - Lever Pec Deck Fly
Quadriceps - Barbell Squat
Chest (Upper) - Barbell Incline Bench Press
Deltoid (Front) Dumbbell Shoulder Press
Calves (General) - Barbell Standing Calf Raise
Triceps - Cable Pushdown (with rope)

I start out with 3 sets & 10 repetitions for arms & 12 for legs. Next week I will add more repetitions (12 for arm & 15 for legs). 3rd week I add another set but go back to 10/12 reps. 4th week I stay with the 4 sets and go up to the 12/15 reps.

Tomorrow I will let you know about my pull exercises.

What do you think of this exercise routine? Have any other exercise tips? Please share!

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