Weight Exercises for March (Pull)

Today was Day 2 of my new workout program. I did the pull muscle group.

Back (Lats - Assisted Underhand Pull-Up
Hamstrings - Barbell Straight Leg Deadlift
Back (General) - Cable Standing Row
Deltoid (Side) - Dumbbell Lateral Raise
Biceps - Cable Curl
Abdominal - Leg Lifts
Obliques - Exercise Ball Oblique Twists

Same as yesterday, I start out with 3 sets & 10 repetitions for arms & 12 for legs. 2nd week I will add more repetitions (12 for arm & 15 for legs). 3rd week I add another set but go back to 10/12 reps. 4th week I stay with the 4 sets and go up to the 12/15 reps.

My quads were quite stiff from doing barbell squats the day before. I also did hills today as part of my training for a half-marathon in April. It was my last day of hills and I'm glad. They suck. My legs get so sore for at least 2 days & my Thursday runs tend to be slow.

Going to take a bath with some epsom salts

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