Week #? of Ironman Training

I've lost count, but I've almost completed 5 months of Ironman training so far. This week has been my biggest week ever (Ok, so I say that most weeks). I swam 5850m (2h 16m), biked 212km (8h 35m) and ran 42.7km (4h 15m) in the last 7 days. Amazing! My stamina has been pretty good but I'm definitely in need of a recovery week and my coach has one planned for this week.


I had two 2 hour trainer rides and a 4.5 hour ride outside. 2 long swims and 3 runs, which haven't been all that long, but the bike is definitely the killer.


Here was my long ride on Saturday. Lots of wind on the way back. My legs were already tired and by the end they were just beat. Took a cold bath after and it really helped.


Pic of Lake Simcoe before going south on my ride.



For my longest run I went out to Port Union/Pickering for a nice change of scenery. It was quite warm but running westbound there was lots of wind and although my legs felt great considering the bike ride yesterday, the wind started slowing me down by the end of the run. Still a nice run though, even if I was attacked by 2 black birds with only 5minutes left in the run!


Pic from my run while I was in Pickering



All in all I feel really good about my training. I've seen lots of improvement on my swim and cycling and of course my running is doing just fine.


It's still sinking in about the hysterectomy this fall. I noticed this morning how much larger my stomach area is and that it seems to have gotten larger on the right side. I'm hoping it doesn't cause too many problems during my training. So far so good. Looking forward to recovery week!

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