UTI and fibroids

IM training has been going pretty well. I've been able to keep my energy at a good level and not feeling as fatigue as I had been. Making sure to eat properly but I've had a few bad days where I eat junk. It's difficult for me to eat so healthy for so many days in a row. I'm used to eating junk food every other day, but I feel the affects a lot faster then I have before so it helps to stay on course.


The last few weeks of training have gone well but I hit a bit of a speed bump on Thursday. Due to very cold weather here in Toronto this week I took my run indoors. After about 10min into the run I had to go pee. I got back to running but still felt like I had to go pee and I negotiated waiting until 1/2 way through my run before I'd go back to the bathroom. I made it and then went back to the bathroom. I kept sitting there waiting and only a little dribble came out. I shook my head, this only means 1 thing. I probably have a UTI. I went back to the running and finished up, it was a 1:10 run which took me 1:30 to complete due to the bathroom breaks. Once I was done I got back to the change room and I was in pain. I needed to go to the bathroom again but I knew there was to be nothing or very little again. Back to the toilet and there was blood. Oh, that's bad. Very bad. I finished and washed up and as I left I called the doctor to make an appointment. Got to work and again more pain. Back to the bathroom immediately and this time there was way more pain and I looked into the toilet after and there was a small chunk of something. Had I passed a stone? I mean it was painful, but not as painful as what I had heard a kidney stone would be. After that it wasn't as painful but the sensation of having to go pee constantly was still there. The blood got less and less after that. I saw the doctor later in the day and they did a urine test. There was red and white blood cells (white blood cells indicate a UTI) so the doctor gave me Macrobid (an antibiotic). I mentioned the fibroids to the doctor (this was a physican's assistant actually as my "real" doctor is on maternity leave and the other doctor I had seen before had Thursday's off) and she looked over my history. "Woah, that's really large" as she looked at my ultrasound results from December. She told me about a kidney test she would like me to do once I get better. Apparently they check your kidney/bladder before you urinate and then after and measure the difference. Thinking I should do that. She also mentioned that the stuff that came out was mostly likely some bladder lining. Oh fun, but hey, not a kidney stone.


There can be complicatons from fibroids and one of them is urinary tract infections. I haven't had a UTI in 9 years and have been thankful they haven't been recurrent. But if this is going to be a common thing, they better get these damn fibroids out of me. Why should I wait so long. I know I'm not dying but this is becoming a major inconvenience and could be extremely bad for my health.


I did have some good news however as I got my Coeur Sports triathlon kit this week. It's quite beautiful and I can't wait to wear it this summer in races. If I get to race. If not I will make sure to sign up for some earlier races because I want to wear it so badly.


Me in the Coeur Sports outfit.


I also did my long run and bike ride this weekend. 1:25 for the run and 1:30 for the bike. It felt amazing and considering I've been on the antibiotic for a few days I'm quite pleased that my body has been taking it well.


I'm still in this thing, even though I've had many second thoughts this week. I want to do this and I will fight these fibroids as much as I can.

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I always look forward to each blog entry because I think there is a camaraderie between all triathletes. Thanks for sharing, queasy subjects included.


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