Update on Fibroid news and Ironman Training

I had my 2nd gynecologist appointment yesterday. I had made the decision to get a hysterectomy so I had my list of questions and the doctor went through them with me. I will be having an abdominal hysterectomy. It will be a total hysterectomy (removal of uterus and cervix) as well as removing my fallopian tubes. At this point I get to keep my ovaries. I do have a cyst on my right ovary and she will be removing that cyst (cystectomy) without removing the ovary, but if it becomes a problem she may have to remove it. I get to keep my left ovary which is a good thing because it means I won't be going into menopause yet. Phew!


I will be in the hospital for 2-3 days and 6 weeks off of work. I'm a little scared of surgery to be quite honest. I've never had surgery and I'm not very good in the hospital. I usually get a little queasy so this should be interesting.


I will also be going on Fibristal starting some time in June. This will help with the bleeding but the doctor made the point that they most likely will not shrink the fibroids at all. Fibristal will stop my periods and since I will be on it until I have my surgery this means that I will have my very last period in June. That makes it just over 31 years. Yes, I know the exact date of my first period (March 15, 1984 - I was watching Footloose). I'm a little sad over it, but not really. It means I don't have to worry about my period during my training this summer and won't have to worry about getting my period when I'm racing. I suppose I should have a little celebration, I may mark the occassion at least.


As for my training it has gone very well. I've been doing 13-14 hours of training each week. Some long rides out by myself and some with friends. I even did a simulation race day with FMCT out in Brampton. It was fantastic!


Long ride with Zindine, Amanda and Louis:


Simulation Race Day - Bike:


Body has been doing well and I've been able to keep my energy up. I'm taking iron supplements and getting B12 shots and it has worked wonders.


Here's some pics by Irina Souiki while out riding

Pic by Irina


It was a fun weekend. Thanks to Irina and Zin for hosting me and my boyfriend.

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