Triathlon Season 2016

Orillia Sprint Triathlon

Flat Carol - Orillia


Weather was crap the day before but beautiful Sunday morning. Cloud, less humidity then what we had been getting. Swim was slower then I wanted. Wave start was with Men and Women 35+. Too many aggressive people. I kind of water panicked but was able to calm down. I knew bike was hilly but I was able to do pretty well on that. The bike course was different from what was indicated on the maps but it turned out ok and less time on Cambrian road. That road is full of pot holes and instead of going back and forth on it, we only had to go one way. I went 29.02km/hr and was quite pleased with that. I had hoped for about 28.5 so I did well there. The description of the run course on their website says mostly flat. No. It was an incline up and then decline coming back. My heart rate remained high for the whole triathlon but it got pretty high going up the "hill". I mean it wasn't really bad but I hadn't done a whole lot of hill training on my runs. Over all it was a good course. Lots of people and fairly well done race. I'd go back.



Carol on the Bike - Orillia


Collage - Orillia



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I was glad that I hadn't signed up for the women's race the day before as they experienced rain. But they didn't have to deal with 35km/hr winds with gusts of up to 55-60km/hr winds. Unfortunately we did and the swim was cancelled. On the bike we were told we couldn't have disc wheels. Not a problem for me, but some people only had that. Head & tail wasn't the only issue. We had some major cross winds which forced me to get up out of aero a few times. I had a few cyclists pass me but I also passed quite a few people. There were definitely a few people that had hybrid bikes or a road bike and getting destroyed by the wind. Once I got off the bike I was able to make a quick transition onto the run. I was just over a minute and had I not grabbed a sip of my nuun I probably would have been less then one minute. The run was mostly flat but there was an ever so slight incline on the way out and decline on the way back. It made for a nice negative split. Near the end I passed about 4 guys and just burned it. They were trying to catch up to me at the end too, but I defeated them! lol

Since the swim was cancelled I had 2 choices, do the duathlon or do just the bike/run. However their version of a sprint duathlon is run 5k, bike 20k and run 2.5k. I was hoping that the bike/run would be 20km on the bike and then a 5k run, but unfortunately due to logistics they forced us to do 2.5km run at the end. I didn't want to do 5km run before the bike, it wasn't what I was prepared for. So me and only a few others did the bike/run. I think it was the right call for me. I wanted a good bike time and ended up with a 6min and 24 sec PR on the 20k bike (36:31). Nice!

It seemed like such a short season, but I'll be back next year. Thinking of doing Barrelman next year. Will see how that unfolds. For now I have a 10miler or a 15k run race I want to do this fall. Thanks to my mom and Dave for being my sherpas and my coach Rebecca for getting me through the triathlon season.


Transition set up - Georgina


Rough Water - Georgina


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