Training runs - I'm getting faster!

I just finished a 2:45 training run and I'm quite pleased with my distance. I was able to run over 28km in that time. It got me thinking about my marathon training times from 2011 & 2010. I decided to take a look.

In 2010, when training for my first marathon I trained by distance. My last training run was 32km and I did it in 4:18:28. Dear lord was I slow. I shouldn't have run for that long in a training run, but I was a n00b and was following an online training plan. I believe I was using the ones provided by Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon at the time. I think they've improved those training plans since then though. I ran that marathon in 5:37:13. It wasn't the most pleasant experience and I'm pretty sure at the time I said I'd never do that again. Well, I lied, and I knew I was going to have to improve so that it wouldn't feel like crap.

In 2011 I got myself a coach. I bought a 4 month training plan from PRS Fit. I saw my time improved dramatically there. I did my training runs by time and my last training run was 3:15 and I did 29km. I also had quite a few 3hr runs that year and one of my best was a 28km run out on Lake Shore Blvd in Toronto, which is where I ran today. I ended up running a 4:46:58. It was 16min off my goal of 4:30 but a huge difference from the year before. I had some GI issues on that race so I was still quite happy with that run.

Last year I got Achilles Tendonitis in the winter so I rested and then jumped back into running but decided to only do a 1/2. Since I felt well rested from the year before I knew I wanted to do a full this year. I had also picked up triathlons and in the process of training for a 70.3 this year found that I was learning to maintain energy for longer periods of time.

In the last few weeks I've had my longest runs in 2 years and I noticed something today. I ran 2:45 and did 28km in that time. Which got me thinking of these old training runs. Wow, it took me 3:15 to do 29km 2 years ago. What a difference! I started at a 7:55min/km, then 6:34min/km and now 5:52min/km. That's a 2:03min improvement. Hello!

Now I haven't decided a specific goal yet, I'm waiting for my longest run next week. But I'm more confident now then in the previous years and I have PRS Fit to thank for that. Thanks so much to Coach Jeff & Rebecca!

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