Training for a Marathon

I haven't signed up yet, but my plan is to train for the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon on September 26th, 2010.

I will be running 4 days a week. 2 days out of the week I will be crosstraining. On my crosstraining days I will be doing weights. I will be using the STWN marathon training program by Jenny Hadfield.

Just waiting for the charity I run for to get their stuff set up. Then I will be signing up. Hopefully the end of this week or next.

Here's my 1st run:

I will be doing weights tomorrow & Saturday. Here is my workout for the next 6 to 8 weeks.

Quads - BOSU Ball Squats
Hamstring - Lying leg curl
Calves - Lever standing calf raise
Back - Cable Seated Row
Deltoid (side) - Lever Lateral Raise
Chest - BOSU Ball Push-ups
Biceps & Hip Abduction - Bicep Curl Bosu Ball Exercises
Triceps - Lying Tricep Extension
Abs - Medicine Ball Leg raises

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