Training for a Half-Marathon

This week & next are my most intense training period for the half-marathon I am doing in April in Waterloo. On Thursday this week I ran 7 miles and this morning I ran 12 miles.

Next week I will be running my usual 5 k on Monday & running intervals on Tuesday (5 miles + warm up & cool down). But here's the kicker, I will be running 8 miles (13 km) on Thursday & 13 miles on Saturday. Ouch!

Since my running schedule this week & next is more intense I have decided to slow down on the strength training. I only did it twice this week. Next week I will be starting a new workout routine. I am going to a full body workout but only twice a week. My half-marathon training schedule allows for 2 days of crosstraining which could be the strength training. Before I would run & do my strength training on the same days, but with these longer runs I am getting too tired & I don't want to burn myself out. I don't want to give up my strength training, but for now I'm just rolling it back a little.

FYI: Here is the half-marathon training schedule I have been using since November: Toronto Women's Half Marathon - 24-week (6-month) Half Marathon Schedule for a 2-hour - 2:15 finish time.

I was originally going to sign up for that half-marathon, but I have a family wedding to go to the day before, so there wasn't any way I could get back to Toronto & then do all that running the next morning!

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