Training in 2016

I have been training now for over one month. It's been going fairly well, but I feel so slow. At least I have no seen progress. I'm getting slightly faster but honestly progress has been slow. Last couple of weeks I've been doing 4 hours of swim, bike and run.


I'm finding my swim isn't so bad and I've been doing fairly well. The bike hasn't been too bad, but I've been getting these killer workouts called Isolated Leg Training. You can seem them on Trainer Road.


My runs have been where I haven't seen much progress until this past week. I've been consistently in the 11min/mi area and I'm finding it very frustrating. I finally had 2 runs this week that were under 11min/mi. Here is one I did in Coldwater, ON on Saturday:



On a personal note, I have a wedding date set. I got my dress, shoes and a venue set for the wedding. Now I still need to get a venue set for the reception/dinner afterwards. This is proving to be a challenge for me. I'm sure I'll figure it out soon.

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