Toronto Yonge St 10K 2014

Woke up at 5:40 to make myself some coffee. I knew I had to have it early to get "things" moving. It worked! Mom picked me up early and she dropped me off just north west of the starting point. I had a long sleeve t-shirt & a short sleeve tech-t & shorts. Which made it a little cold at the start but I took my time getting there and was able to get a bit of a warm up that way. Went to the bathrooms straight away and not much of a line up since it was so early, at this point around 7:50am. I met up with Irina just after 8 and we did a bit of a warm up to get to her car & then she went and did a longer warm up, & I went off to wait in the line up for the bathroom again. I wasn't taking my chances & I definitely needed to go again. I got into the corral & found Irina & then waited. I was starting to feel a little warmer & figured I may get too hot with the 2 layers. Oh well, it wasn't too bad.

Started off very fast, so I knew I had to slow it down slightly. I made sure to ease off, but go fast on the downhills & take it easy when going up & when it was flat. My heart felt great, which I had been worried about and I just made sure not to over do it. At around Dundas I saw my friend/co-worker Ethan cheering me on. That was nice, thanks Ethan.

Carol Waving to Ethan - Photo by Ethan Han

Carol Waving to Ethan - Photo by Ethan Han

I got to the 7k and tried picking up the pace but it just wasn't happening. Irina was close behind me and slapped my ass at about the 8k mark. I knew that meant I better get my ass in gear. She wasn't suppose to be going that fast! Picked it up a bit but didn't want to pass out so I kept it reasonable. Once I made the last turn it was all downhill & I booted it. A woman passed me and I tried to keep up but I had to let her go, she was moving just too fast. Quite pleased with 48:49. That's actually what I was aiming for, something under 49 but under 50 was more reasonable. This course was good for my ego. It's fun, it's fast and I enjoyed it. I had my phone with me, but didn't have Runkeeper on & didn't listen to music. At several points I had wished I had some music. Not a lot of spectators at this event, but once I got closer to downtown, there were more people.

This was a PR by 3:47. My previous best was 52:36 which came from the 3rd leg of the Olympic Triathlon I did last year at the Toronto Triathlon Festival. My previous best on this course was 54:42.  I also noticed my 1st 5k was 24:32. This too is a PR & the 2nd half was faster! Maybe I'll do a 5k early next year, but that will be hard to beat. That is mostly downhill. I don't want to get ahead of myself! Thanks to my coach Rebecca from PRSFit! I couldn't have done this without you!

Great race & a confidence booster. I needed it. Now bring on the tris!



Avg Heart rate: 175, average pace 4:53/km

F:40-44 36/356, F:283/3129, Overall: 1228/5680


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Great job! You knocked it out of the park :)


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