Toronto Triathlon Festival 2017

Early morning start, coffee 1 piece of rye toast with peanut butter & banana.
Packed car. Used bathroom many times. Left just before 5 but came back for bike pump & to leave my rings at home. Got there with over an hour before transition closing. Took it easy. Used the port-a-potty a couple of times. Forgot to put chamois cream & ended up putting it on in front of Dave without anybody watching. Let's say I didn't get it all around my parts.



Flat Carol


Had genucan. Was able to get in a short warm up swim. Lined up for the swim. Was in the last wave, once we got in I was near the front. Bad idea. Should have moved back. We started off and I was trying to swim with people but I started panicking & couldn't breath. I was going to quit right there but got on my back & did the back stroke. Tried a few times to do front crawl but it just wasn't happening. Finally after what felt like 500m I was finally able to swim front crawl. I started with no kicking and then gradually started kicking. I knew I had some good speed happening. Finished up and was surprised to see a pr swim for this course. I had hoped for a 32:30 but that just wasn't in the cards & ended up with 34:18. Sweet!


Got out on the bike with no issues. I made sure to not put on my shoes until the dismount. Climbing up that hill before the bridge can be quite nasty. Took it easy just to find my legs until I got on the Gardener. Once I got in there I was able to speed up a bit, although there is a bit of a climb at first. I was able to pass a lot of people because there were many on road bikes or hybrid bikes and being in aero was extremely helpful here. Got to half way point & was at about 17.3mi/hr which was slower then I wanted but the 2nd half of the bike is mostly downhill. There was 1 guy who I was going back & forth with. He really hated it every time I would pass him & then he would push it hard. After awhile I started to back off because I didn't want to ruin my legs for the run. Once we got to the turn around spot he was way ahead of me & I never caught up to him. Oh well by the time I got to the sharp turn to get onto Lake Shore my avg speed was 19.2mi/hr so I was able to gain ground on the last half. I got to the dismount line & took the shoes off again because I didn't want to have the same problem as last time where I went too slow down the hill to get into transition.


I was able to make my t2 fairly quickly. Made sure to have my 2 gels but I also put on my compression sleeve for my knee. After about 1km or so I took it off. It was slowing me down and I knew I could run faster. I was holding around 9:20min/mi and that seemed like a good pace to hold. I had my gel after about 4min too and made sure to have a sip of nuun at each station. So thankful for nuun being on the course as it is my go to for my training runs. Did the first loop & was able to give my compression sleeve to dave. I didn't have the other gel because I felt like I was possibly going to vomit and didn't want to push that so kept taking the nuun at each station. I was still holding pace but with less than 1km to go I started pushing it a little more. I just passed a guy & then we turned the corner he started to go faster. I yelled out "oh hell no" and pushed it harder. I then was yelling "come on" and he was pushing it hard too. So much fun! I gave him a hug at the end. He was quite a good sport about it.


Race Photos by Dave Hood


Finished with a PR so I'm quite happy. I just need more OWS before my half in September. Results are posted on SportsStats. I also got a lovely blister on my left foot. Not sure what happened there, but I started feeling it with about 2 or 3 km left. It didn't hinder me though, I just knew it would hurt later. It did.


Swim: 34:18


Thanks to my coach Rebecca and to my husband, Dave!





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