The sugar has to go!

Training for the marathon has been going pretty good. Lately I've noticed that I just haven't been getting enough protein in my diet, but always way too much carbs. Last week I tried to put an end to that. Cutting out some sugar (& caffeine) in my diet. Every morning I would drink a large regular with a shot of french vanilla from Tim Horton's. This is usually all I would drink for coffee during the week, but Saturdays & Sundays I tended to drink a little more. Plus I would have diet coke at lunch (not all the time mind you, but too much to be honest). I decided that a medium coffee with 1 cream & 1/2 sugar was all that I needed for coffee each day. That has been plenty actually and I'm not feeling like I need any more, so this part has gone very well. I also have been drinking water with my lunch. Easy peasy. At night with my meals I would have water or juice. With the juice I would take 1 cup and put it in a larger cup and add ice cubes, 1/2 cup of coconut water & 1 cup of water. Since juice is full of sugar and I usually find it too sweet this cut down on the amount of juice I was drinking. Then later in the evening if I felt I needed to eat I had some truffle orange roobios from Teaopia. Nice replacement for a coffee or a caffeinated tea. I also eliminated white breads. Along with that coffee in the morning I would have a cinnamon raisin bagel (not toasted, nothing added). I cut that out as well and ate the oatmeal with mixed berries from Timmies. I found that they were adding sugar to the oatmeal, so eventually I got some gluten free oatmeal from the grocery store & brought it with me to work. I don't add any milk to it and it tastes find without it or any added sugar. After a week of this I'm finding my breakfast change quite easy, but having difficulties trying to figure what to eat for lunch or dinner. I like to plan my meals ahead of time so I don't find myself eating crap foods (chips, chip dip, candies etc). Another issue I have is eating Skittles at work in the afternoon. I'd always dig into the candy bowl at the front of the office. I knew this had to stop. I think this has also been the biggest difference as well. Feeling a little better & hoping these little changes make a difference. Lots of running & biking coming up in the weeks ahead. Only 11 weeks of training left!

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