STWM 2011 - Race Report

Had an ok sleep. Woke up around 3:15 to go to the bathroom. Woke up again around 5:45am and just layed there like a zombie until the alarm went off at 6am. Got up and forced myself to eat a banana & a bagel with a glass of water. Went back to bed until about 6:50. Got up and got dressed. I always leave out all my clothes because I have a tendency to be forgetful and clumsy early in the morning. My mom was 15 minutes early so she helped me get some stuff together. I had everything ready to go and we were off.

It didn’t take long to get to the Spadina exit, but unfortunately the line up to get onto Spadina from the Gardiner was long & slow. I knew we had lots of time, but it still got my heart rate up. I was getting a little upset & my mom was trying to calm me. It took about 10-15 minutes and we were finally on Spadina. She drove down Queen st and I got her to drop me off and she turned down a side street. I walked down to Queen & University where the starting line was. I noticed that the corrals were in a u-shape and thought ‘ugh oh’ right away. Didn’t like that. Where are the bathrooms? I thought. Farther north, so I kept on walking. When I finally got to them there were long line-ups. I figured I would go up a little farther and the lines would be less. Not so much. At some point somebody walked by and said there were no line-ups farther ahead. So I walked farther and farther and found a few port-a-potties with no line-ups right at the north end of the bathrooms. Finally!

Once I was done I went back to the Green corral. The thought of going back to the bathroom didn’t cross my mind until it was too late. The elite & red corrals have already started. Crap. I knew if I went again it would just be a little, not all that much and since it was #1 I could wait. It would mean waiting until probably after 15km as there are huge line-ups after that, but I could surely wait until then.

We got to the starting line and we were off. It was extremely crowded. I suppose it usually is, but to me it felt more crowded for a longer period of time. I didn’t really get more space until after 8 or 10 km. I had a pace band for 4:30 and I was following it fairly closely until about 13 km. At 15 km I noticed my time was off by a minute. Not too good. I don’t know why I started going slow, I seemed fine, so I picked it back up. I got to 17 & 21 and I was within a minute of my 4:30 pace time. Still not bad.

Around 22km I saw a port-a-pottie but there were 3 people lined up. It would take too long, so I figured I’d wait until the next one. Well I waited... & waited... and holy crap by 38 km there hadn’t been another port-a-pottie. I was getting desperate and found a bush & truck. I went in behind and went pee. Got it done. But by that point it was too late. I felt a little better and my body could speed up but I felt like I was going to puke. Didn’t want that, so I slowed down a touch, but faster than what I had been doing.

Around 40km I saw 4 port-a-potties. That made me mad. When I got to 40 k I really wanted to push it, but if I went too fast my body would say ‘No, you’re going to puke’. I figured if I was going to puke medics would rush to me and stop me from finishing. I didn’t want that. So I slowed down a touch and got it done. I never saw the 41 km mark so when I figured I had another km to go I noticed the 500 m sign. Holy crap that went fast, I thought.

Got to the finish line and was relieved, 4:46:59 sub-5 hours, but not my goal time of 4:30. Was not that far off my goal. Last year my goal time was 4:45 and I got 5:37:13, so to have a PR by 50 minutes & 14 seconds was an amazing feat considering I was going to puke.

Didn’t want to touch the food at the end. I forced myself to drink some water. The thought of gatorade made it worse. Then it took forever to get back to the car. My mom & I walked down Queen st to University Ave and caught a cab to drive us to Spadina & Dundas). I just couldn’t walk any further. When she drove me home I started feeling sick again. The only sensation I can say it felt like was during my times when I would drink to much alcohol and I get gassy. My stomach would be quite sensitive and then I would get chest pains and vomit. That’s pretty much how it felt like, but it surely wasn’t alcohol to blame this time.

Warmed up a bit. Ate another bagel and went out for dinner. I got a 5 cheese ravioli but only ate half of it. Still didn’t want to eat. Drank some water & iced tea. If I was feeling better I would have gotten some red wine, but I knew that would make me vomit so I didn’t want to chance it.

Finally got home and rested on the couch, a couple hours later I ate the rest of the 5 cheese ravioli and was starting to feel less chest pain from the gas.

Lesson learned: Go to the bathroom just before the start and then get back into the corral. I should have known better. I mean I went once, but I needed that last expulsion of pee I suppose.

Thanks to my coaches Jeff & Diane. They got me through this. If I hadn’t of had them as coaches I surely would have given up by 30km. I would have at least started walking and my time would have been just as bad as last year if not worse, but their training helped me get through the bad part. I also probably would of had more negative thoughts in my head. Didn’t really have any this time. I knew I could get through it. The training had prepared me for it. Just do it! With that I knew my body could handle it, I just needed to relieve myself!

Thanks also to my mother for driving me to the event. She’s right, there’s now way I would have been able to drive back to my place after the marathon.

Mom reminded me that after my first marathon last year I said I would never do this again. I told her I lied. I’m doing it every year.

Update: Here are my official results.

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I love the report Carol. What a great improvement from last year. Bring on next year!~!


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