Second Week of IM Training and a Bike Fit

My 2nd week of IM Training has gone very well. So far so good. My week always starts with TTC swimming . This is a coach lead swim session. I've been at this since late September last year and have found it enjoyable. I'm one of those people that like to do most of my exercising alone (except long bike rides). But I've been finding these workouts helpful as the coach has helped me improved my form. On that day I had my stroke correct, but wasn't gliding, so quick strokes. After that I was able to get my glide correctly. I usually forget some kind of aspect of my swim form when I'm back on the Monday. It takes me awhile to get back into the flow. It was a rather difficult swim too:

Warm up: 6x75m
Main set:
100m breathing every 7
5x100m race pace 15" rest
100m breathing every 7
5x100m race pace 10" rest
100m breathing every 9
5x100m race pace 5" rest
Cool down: 150m

Worked out really hard on that one, upper body was a little sore the next day but nothing too bad.


Tuesday's workout was a run and a short glute/core workout. It was rather cold that morning so I ended up doing my run on the treadmill at lunch. Not a fan of the treadmill, but when it's just too cold, you still have to get stuff done. I still managed to get up fairly early that morning however and got the glute/core workout done. On Wednesday I had my 2nd TTC swim of the week. I seemed to be rather sloppy on my swim and the coach recognized that I was tired. The swim on Monday was a difficult one and it seemed to have affected my stroke. However after awhile I was able to get the hang of it and my form was a lot better.

Warm up: 200m, 4x100 descend, 8x25 breakouts, 100 easy
Main set: 2x (VCRs 3x100m, 2x50m, 2x100, 1x50) heart at 160-170, rest 25sec
Cool down: 200m


Thursday was a 1 hour bike ride. My rides have been fairly short and this was one of my longest rides. I haven't been a big fan of the seat I've been testing out. It's the ISM Adamo Attack. I've been finding that the end part is a little wide and it hurts my inner thighs for a day or 2 after the ride. I had also been experincing some shoulder blade pinching on the ride, thankfully that stopped after and was only a problem during the ride, so no long term effects there. It was only a zone 2 ride so nothing physically exhausting so it went well. On Friday I had another run but was able to get outside, it had slightly warmed up (I mean only slightly, it was still cold but I figured I could bite the bullet and get my butt outside). Again a nice easy zone 2 run with a 3min zone 3 push at the end. I was to have had a core workout that day but due to a massage after work I ended up switching the workout to the Sunday instead.


On Saturday I didn't really have a workout, I had my bike fit. After some of the inner thigh soreness and shoulder blade pain I was looking forward to it. I went to FITT 1st and spent 3hours+ getting my bike fit. He spent the first hour and a half getting my body measurements. Very detailed, he told me the reasons why they were important on the bike. One of the first issues I had was my hamstrings. They are very tight so he gave me some hamstring stretches to do. I've been fairly neglectful of my stretching, really need to get back to that, especially my calves, although no problems yet, I'd like to keep any of my ankle problems away. Then I got on the bike and he had a laser machine look at my legs to see how far out my legs were going. He then added some wedges to my Shimano bike shoes. Right away I noticed a difference in my quads, although I was suppose to notice a difference in my feet this is where I noticed less pressure. Then he put in some insoles to help with my slight arch in my feet. Just fixing up the feet made me feel like I had more power and that I had to use less effort for my regular cadence. Then he checked out the seat and he actually had to bring the seat down and back. I was extending my legs too much so this definitely helped. Once on there he mentioned that my posture was incorrect. I had to tilt my pelvis in and once I did that it was almost perfect. The aero bars didn't have to come closer to me. He added a wedge to bring the handle bars up slightly and then tilted the handle bars up so I had to reach a little less. Then, that's it. What a difference! No shoulder blade pain, seat felt much better, no sliding on it! Fantastic! I highly recommend FITT 1st!

Scott getting measurements from the bike


Sunday I had my "long run", although it was the same amount of time as Friday's run, 45min, it still felt fantastic. The weather was much warmer, so was melting and the roads were great. Once I was done my run I had a quick breakfast then did my core workout. Done! It was a fairly easy week, but this is helping me to ease into the training and I'm not going to risk injury by running/cycling too much, too fast.


As for the fibroid news, I called my doctor again this week. It turns out that the gynecologist's fax machine was down during the holidays and they never received the fax. /facepalm. So my doctor's receptionist had to re-fax the referral, and called me back to tell me that the wait shouldn't be too long now. Well, it's now another week and I still haven't heard back from the gynecologist. This is very frustrating. I still have no ideas what my options are. Here's hoping I find out soon.

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Great week Carol. So glad that the bike fitting went so well!! Good luck with the dr's! We had similar problems in the fall trying to get ultrasounds of my sons wrist. It took weeks of me constantly phoning. Our health care leaves a bit to be desired at times.

Great work Carol, sounds like you are off to a great start with the training. Good luck with the fibroid issues...those are nuisance for sure.


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