Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon 2014 Race Report

DNF. The most dreaded acronym to a runner/triathlete ever. And that is exactly what happened to me for this race.


It was a very cold morning. Lots of layers, that I had intended on removing. Met up with the STWM Digital Champions before the start. Made sure to hit the bathroom to get rid of everything! Then we were off. At 2km my boyfriend, Dave, surprised me by showing up at Bloor and University and cheered me on. He got a photo of my foot (actually, it may not even be mine, lol) as I was zipping by so fast.


Photo by Dave Hood


Not long after that I took off my extra layer, a very light jacket I got from the Hamilton Marathon last year. I was a good temperature. Not too hot, not too cold. I was doing well and was not far off my goal (4:05). At 21k I saw Dave again. This was planned as a good place for him to see me and he had a banana ready for me. I just had a Genucan however and I wasn't quite ready for more fuel yet.


Photo by Dave Hood


I had 1/2 the banana a few km later and at the 25k mark I started getting a little upset in my stomach. Not too bad and nothing painful. Not exactly sure if it was the banana, it may have been the Genucan or something else. I had been fighting fatigue for over a week and I had been having GI issues all summer. By the 30k mark I was dragging my feet while I was running I actually almost tripped. I was starting to want to quit and at 31k Dave surprised me again. I was so happy to see him, he offered me another banana and some chocolate milk, but I passed, gave him a kiss and kept going. I pushed along another 2k, found a port-a-potty and did my business but it didn't relieve me and I started doing a walk/run.


Photo by Dave Hood


At 37k I had to stop running all together as my stomach was bothering me so much. I could manage walking, but no running. I was determined to finish. But 1km later I was getting too cold and saw a med tent and went in. I was finished. I was going to get hypothermia if I kept at it. Apparently my lips were even blue. I got a ride back to the finish and went into the med tent there. They tried warming me up and Dave and my mother found me (my mom had to give some security people a talking to, she had to get to her ailing daughter!). I didn't cry at the time, I was upset but I just knew I couldn't finish it that day. The coming days I cried but I knew it just wasn't meant to be. My training went so well, and I was getting much faster and I've learned that going through the training is the best part and not all race days are meant to be.


Thanks to my coach Rebecca Adamson of KR Endurance. She trained me hard and was very encouraging. I felt so bad that I didn't finish but she made me look at all the positives and I knew I would be ready for next year. Also thanks to my boyfriend Dave (it was also his birthday!) as he surprised me by cheering me on. I suspect that's how I lasted until 38km, I may have turned back a lot earlier then that if I had not seen him. Thanks also to my mom who came out to cheer me on at the end but had to settle for another trip to the med tent.


As for the stomach issues, it may not exactly have been GI issues. I'm currently in the process of having that looked at. More details to come.

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