Runner's Workout

I use the application iFitness on my iPhone 3G. I use it to keep track of my workouts as well as the reps & sets that I did per workout. In it is a great runner's workout. I have found the same exercises in other runner's workouts so I would like to share it with you.

Quads - Barbell Squat
Hamstrings -Dead lift
Quads - Sumo Squat
Calves - Calf Press
Lower Back - Good Morning
Obliques - Dumbbell Side Bend
Bicep - Concentration Curls
Chest - Dumbbell Pull over

I've also added:
Abdominals - Captain's Chair

This week I started with 2 sets & 8 reps for upper body and 10 reps for lower body. I'm going to increase the reps next week to 10 to 12 & then the week after I will go to 12 & 15. I might possibly go to 3 sets for my upper body but since there are so many leg exercises I will stick with 2 sets for the legs.

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