Rose City Half Triathlon 2014

Woke up at 5am. Ugh, early mornings... I need my Tim Horton's coffee and I had found one that was 24hrs but it was a bit of a hike, so I wanted to get up early to be able to drink my coffee and have my morning, you know, movement. We ended up not having to go as far as I thought as there was a TH about 5min away by car and I was able to get my coffee there. Went back to the residences, where I was staying, and had my breakfast. Energy bar with peanut butter, banana with peanut butter and my TH coffee!

Had lots of extra time and wanted to get to the venue early so I can futz around. I like taking my time and I hate rushing so I took it pretty easy getting to the venue and setting up in transition. Of course, I wasn't the 1st one there even though I arrived right when transition opened and there were already a few women set up exactly where I wanted to be. No problem, it was only a few spots farther down then I wanted but I was set up in a great place. I knew I wouldn't get lost coming in from swim or coming in from bike (which is sometimes a problem for me). I took my time setting up, Irina arrived and then we went over for body marking and time chip. I had picked up my race kit the day before, so I went straight to body marking. Saw my friend Zindine as he was volunteering this race and his job was body marking. Remind me, I need to volunteer for some races! Found Roxanne & Signe from the PRS Fit team and got a few pictures. It was nice to be able to relax and take my time before the race.


Signe, Carol and Roxanne of Team PRS Fit


Then we all got back into transition and setup a few more things, then got my wetsuit on and went to the swim start. We were able to have a few minutes of warm up in the water. I find this helpful as it gets me to relax and not have a water panic. Water was warmer then Woodstock a few weeks ago, but I found was still a little cold, but 2km swim was for sure going to warm me up, so I knew it wouldn't be a problem.

Carol in swim warm up

Really pushed it on the swim but I need to work on sighting. Kept going a bit off course, nothing like binbrook though. Just need more practice. Peed 2 times in warm up & twice on the swim.
They did allow us to warm up for about 5min or so. Took that opportunity to warm up. Much warmer then Woodstock, it was 67.
I could definitely feel the current at the start and at the end. I was trying to follow the shore line, but I just couldn't get the hang of the  sighting. I think I'm a little lazy at it and don't want to put the head up so much, this usually results in me going off direction a little. I do remember seeing Roxanne passing me. Both Irina and Roxanne beat me by 6min!

Nailed the bike & how! Really pushed it. I could tell I could do this in 3hrs so I went for it. Peed 3 times on the bike. I could tell that I was going to have gas issues again though.
Took it easy the 1st few kms. Roxanne had said that there were a lot of potholes at the beginning, so this gave me some time to settle down from the swim. My T1 was slow... again. I need to work on this more this summer.
The 1st 30k was about 57min, 2nd 60k was 1:59 so I figured I could get close to 3hrs. And I rocked it more from 60-85 and then lowered (or higher, I have no idea) the gear and put up the cadence to get my legs ready for the run.

NOTE: Speed sensor was way off. It seemed to work for awhile, but then it was reading like 9mi/hr. I knew I was going faster and I wish it could have used the GPS speed, but instead it just defaults to the speed sensor. :( I had to go by time and distance markers. It wasn't too difficult.

Carol on the bike. Photo by:

The run, well I was able to run it for the most part. Still had the gas issues but I think the peeing relieved some pressure so I didn't have to slow down. Peed at 3k, pooped at 6k & kept on going. Now the pressure was building & by 15k I had to walk. Did that for less then 2min, then kept on going. At 16k, I did it again for a min, then pushed on to the next port a potty. Then again, same as last year, vomit. This had some of the peanut butter hammer gel. Fantastic. But man I felt great after. Finished the course going under 9min/mi.

Carol on the run

As I mentioned, got to nail down the nutrition. But this usually isn't a problem on a sprint or oly. I had someone from the race crew run with me for a bit to make sure I was ok. Everybody could hear me at the aid station. lol

Oh and the fun part. I ran 21.86km or so. They had an extra 750m on the course by accident. Oops. They had to make last minute adjustments on the run course due to construction so they added 400m but it was too much! They didn't need it! I was wondering why my Polar was off by 1/2 a mile!

Carol finishes race

NOTE: Wish I had known the other mat I saw was the true finish. I would have poured it on more there.


Thanks to my mother for being my sherpa once again! You get to here me bitch and moan, but I do greatly appreciate you shuffling me around and cheering me on in the races! Great to see my friends Irina and Zindine again as they are 2 of my greatest cheerleaders (besides the mom). Also nice to meet Roxanne & Signe from Team PRS Fit! And of course thanks to my coach Rebecca!


My stats: Swim-47:41, T1-4:12, Bike-2:59:39, T2-2:21, Run-2:10:17


Things I need to do: Work on my transitions! Damn, they're slow. I also need to get faster in the water. This was only my 3rd OWS this year, so I'm hoping to get faster for TTF in July.

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