It's Just a Bit of Gas

For the last 2 weeks I've been fighting a cold or a flu, I can't really tell the difference. It started with some body aches, headaches and a sore throat. Then I started to have a runny, stuffed up nose. This part has been carrying on for over a week. I even took Friday & Monday of last weekend off, to just sit around the house and relax. Slept a lot over the weekend and I think that helped greatly, but I still felt bad this week and even went home early from work on Tuesday so that I could rest because I've got a new project coming up and I needed to be 100% for it.

New Challenges in 2013!

I have signed up again with PRS Fit in what will be a very challenging but rewarding year for me in 2013. I have signed up for the following races:

My First Triathlon

My first triathlon was the most amazing & scariest time in my life.

The day before I had a great talk with my coach. I was scared of the swim portion and he was able to calm me down about that and gave me some good tips. Then my mom picked me up and we went to Stratford. For the last few days I have been very careful with what I eat. No cheese (or limited) and less bad carbs. I wanted to keep at that for the day before except red wine. I was going to have my red wine.

Bone Scan

Today I had my bone scan. Since it was in Stratford, ON, my hometown, I stayed at a hotel the night before since my appointment was at 8:15am. Good planning. A 2 hour drive around 6am would not have been good. I didn't get much sleep last night so the extra 1 or so I got was needed.


It has been awhile since my last post, so I will give you an update on my ankles since late February.

The last post was about the physiotherapist report. I saw my doctor after that report in mid-March and she scheduled me for an EMG. I had that done on April 13th and everything was normal. The physiatrist decided that he should schedule a bone scan, but felt that it wouldn't show anything. So this put ideas in my head.

Physiotherapist report

I saw the physiotherapist yesterday. She had read my MRI results and did some more reflex testing on me. She noticed some differences between my right and left. She also said that since the MRI only showed a slight bulging disc, nothing that would affect my ankle she is going to recommend that I go back to the doctor for some neurology testing. There wasn't much more she could do. She was going to write a note to the doctor and let her know the progress I had made.

Results of MRI

I finally got my results from the doctor today.  I have a bulged disc in my lower back. The nurse is sending the results to my physiotherapist and I hope to start treatment with her next week, since she's on holiday this week.

Interesting that my lower back has been bothering me for the last few days. Even had a pinched nerve in my upper back yesterday morning. That was not pleasant.

My ankle problems

I have been resting my ankle now for over a month. The doctor had said no running for at least a month on January 13th, which meant by next week I thought I was going to be good to go. Well not so fast. On January 25th I went on an old crappy stationary bike at the YMCA. Tried to mimic a spin class where you go fast & slow and played with the tension. When I was going fast and then slowing down the peddles would get stuck and jolt my ankles. Since then I have had major ankle pain, not just pins & needles. I haven't done any cardio, nothing in almost 2 weeks now.

No running

Finally went to the doctor on Friday. Not good news. She says my Achilles is inflammed and I need to stop running for at least a month. I felt like I was hit by a truck. Worst. News. Ever. But it was something that I needed to hear. I kept saying to myself before the visit that I only need a week or two off. No, I need more. She also said that after the month to start back on the elliptical, than after a week or 2 of that then I can start running again gradually. Also no "leg weights". I had been doing that and she believes that has been aggravating it. She did recommend swimming.

Still Injured

After the chiropractor appointment on Thursday I decided I would run anyways. I'm such an idiot. Never should have done that. It made it worse of course and now I'm out for at least a week or 2. Probably longer. I'm coming to terms with this. I'm thinking it is most likely that I will not run a 1/2 marathon this spring. I may still be able to pull off a sprint triathlon in June. If I concentrate on the swimming & cycling for the next couple of months I should be able to do that.


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