First week of training for Ironman Muskoka

I have finished my 1st week of training for Ironman Muskoka 2015 and considering I ended up getting sick this week (a sinus cold) it was a great week. By the end of the week I was much better. I have been quite excited about training for my first Ironman, but recently I have found out I may get sidelined.


2014 - Year end review

2014 has shaped up to be a pretty good year. It has had it's ups and downs.


Toronto Yonge St 10K 2014

5th Year Anniversary

Today is the 5th year anniversary of a day that changed my life. I was at a party with some friends. I had complained about how bored I was of the 5k runs I was doing. A friend, Franciska Kouwenhoven, told me I should do the Harry Spring Run off 8k. The thought of doing anything more then a 5k had not even entered my brain. Thanks to that push, I signed up for the 8k and ran it in 51:45.

Year End 2013

What a year. 2013 has been fairly good to me. I did the most number of races this year, 5 in all. I even had 3 PRs. I did a sub-2hr 1/2 marathon, a 52:36 10k (the last leg of an Olympic triathlon no less) and sub-4:30 marathon. I'm quite proud of these times and I keep pushing my limits. This has given me more confidence and I can't wait to do more in 2014. I also had lots of fun in many of these races as I got to do them with my friends Irina & Zindine. I thank them tremendously for making these races fun & enjoyable.

Favourite Holiday Songs

I love holidays in December and yes, I love Christmas music. I know.... an atheist that loves Christmas music. Sue me. Here's a list of some of my favourite Christmas/Holiday music. These are my must listen to songs every year.

Do They Know It’s Christmas Time - Band Aid

Twelve Days of Christmas - Bob & Doug McKenzie

1 Week until Ironman 70.3 Muskoka

1 week until the Ironman 70.3 Muskoka race! It’s almost here. It’s been a fantastic summer for training. Weather has been good most days & I haven’t missed any of my workouts due to the weather.

Toronto Triathlon Festival 2013 - Race Report

4:00 wake up, hit the snooze button once, but didn't feel too bad. Started the water for the coffee. Did number 1 a few times and a number 2 (yes, I talk about this in the report. Live with it.). Also had a few sips of water before my mom came to get me. No problems getting into the vehicle (I wasn't sure how this would go since we have some "construction" going on outside the house & I was forced to use the side door for the bike. I was a little worried there would be problems, but it was all good). Traffic was light getting there and there was no issues.

GoodLife Toronto Marathon 2013 - Race Report

Woke up at 6:08 & dressed in my running clothes, went to get coffee at Tim Horton's but they were closed. :( Came back home & got gear together & sipped on some water & ate 1/2 a banana.
My mom ended up showing up 10 min too early & I ended up forgetting sun lotion. Oops.

Stopped at a TH to get a small coffee & bagel. Ate 1/2 the bagel & drank 1/2 the coffee. Got dropped off close to the start so didn't walk as far as I was expecting.

Before and After

My department that I work in has a monthly meeting and one individual must show a photo (which they must be in or have taken) or discuss their favourite movie or book. I chose to show a very old photo of myself.

This was me in December 2002. I was about 175lbs in this photo and had lost about 5 lbs from my peak. The 2nd photo is from last years first triathlon. Amazing what exercise can do.


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