Over thinking the fibroids

This week of training was slightly difficult for me. Again ups and downs. It started with my usual Monday swim class. My instructor was sick so we had a substitute. She noticed that I was crossing my hands too much so she told me to really separate my arms for a few lengths and then after awhile it would come back into place properly. Tried that and it certainly helped. And Wednesday swim where we did some fast swimming. I found my 50m and 100m swims haven't really gotten faster, my 50m was just under 1min and my 100m was 2:15. Not great, but I'm happy with that. I need to get faster.


Tuesday and Thursday runs were quite cold but I didn't care, I was running outside. No GI issues thank goodness, mostly because I got them done first thing in the morning. We've also had some snow in Toronto so the roads had a bit of snow, nothing too bad, but it doesn't slow you down a little. Again, I didn't care, it felt good to be out there.


Friday's bike ride was the bad day. I couldn't sit on the bike right, it just felt uncomfortable but nothing had changed on it. It felt like my big gut was in the way. With the fibroids it's made my uterus larger then normal and it's starting to get noticeable. I had lots of negative thoughts on this ride. How am I going to get through 6-7 hours on the bike, when I'm bitching and moaning about 1hr. I just couldn't get comfortable and the thought of long rides like that made me upset. I just don't know if I'm going to get through this.


A lot of women with fibroids get told by their gynecologists how large their uterus is in according to pregnancy months. So I did some research and since my uterus is 19.4x7.9x12.1cm, it is the approximate size of a uterus at 4-5 months. This is the time period where many women start to show and I kind of look like I'm pregnant. Since I know the size of the fibroids I have also found out an example of a visual represenation of each of them. The largest is the size of a grapefruit, 1 apple, then 2 are almost the size of lemons, 1 the size of a walnut and 2 are the size of a pea. Think about that! I'm also not losing any weight and I felt constantly bloated, yet I'm eating the best I ever have in my life. Brown rice, vegetables, no pop or juice, only water. I've had a few bad days, but even then not that much because I feel it the next day. I've also had to start taking iron pills due to major blood loss during my period and will keep that up in between my periods as well. Can't hurt me, I'm an athlete and probably need more then the average woman.


My weekend run however lifted my spirits up and felt great. Same with my Sunday ride. Much better then Friday's ride and it made me feel a whole lot better.

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