Not my best week

Started off the week with some Bladder/bowel issues. Fibroids feel like they're getting bigger. The bowels are bothering during my run so this isn't good. I hope it's just because of where my monthly cycle is. I've noticed just before my period that is when it is the worst.


A former classmate of mine committed suicide last weekend. This is the 2nd one in a matter of 20months. My thoughts are with his family.


My cat stopped eating her soft food the week before but it looked like she was still eating her hard food & drinking water. But by Wednesday I noticed she wasn't doing either & decided to take her to the vet. She had had problems with her kidneys since last October & this was a sign that they were beginning to fail. The vet gave us 2 options, put her down or try an IV with fluids. Both were reasonable considerations. The X wanted to give it a try. He wasn't willing to give up yet. At the same time we had blood work done to see if it was just the kidneys or anything else. So the vet gave her the IV & spent 1 last day with her. Since I wasn't able to give needles & I was going to be gone on the weekend I let the X picked her up on Friday. I knew this was going to be it. She hadn't gotten better from the IV in 24 hours & she still wasn't eating or drinking. The vet called Saturday with blood work results, & it too late. Her kidneys were at the point of failure & we were prolonging the inevitable. The X called me while I was 15min into my ride. I stopped & knew it was bad. I called the vet to make an appointment that day. Since I was out of town I had to stop my ride, get my mom to pick me up, drop her off, then drive all the way back into the city. Thank goodness for little traffic that morning. I got to the vets & the X brought in Summer. We cried. The vet explained everything to us & we got to spend some moments with the cat. He then put the needle into her & she passed away. It's never easy. I just know we had to do it to stop her suffering.

My last day with Summer

The day after putting the cat down I got period. Nothing significant, except that I will be starting on Fibristal. The Fibristal will stop my periods and I will be taking it until the hysterectomy in September. Therefore, most likely this will be my last period ever. I wasn't planning on having children but now that the option has been taken away from me, I feel kind of weird about it.


Truly not the best week of my life but I've only missed one workout for Ironman training and it has been my saving grace during this time.

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