Ironman 70.3 Muskoka 2013 - Race Report

Woke up around 5:20. Had a banana, threw on contacts, grabbed my gear & met my friends Irina & Zindine at Tim Hortons at 6am. Ordered an extra small coffee, cinnamon raisin bagel & some peanut butter packets. Drank 1/4 of the coffee (that's typical for me the day of the race), couldn't finish the bagel, left about a bite size left.


1 Week until Ironman 70.3 Muskoka

1 week until the Ironman 70.3 Muskoka race! It’s almost here. It’s been a fantastic summer for training. Weather has been good most days & I haven’t missed any of my workouts due to the weather.

Toronto Triathlon Festival 2013 - Race Report

4:00 wake up, hit the snooze button once, but didn't feel too bad. Started the water for the coffee. Did number 1 a few times and a number 2 (yes, I talk about this in the report. Live with it.). Also had a few sips of water before my mom came to get me. No problems getting into the vehicle (I wasn't sure how this would go since we have some "construction" going on outside the house & I was forced to use the side door for the bike. I was a little worried there would be problems, but it was all good). Traffic was light getting there and there was no issues.

Binbrook Triathlon 2013 - Race Report

Tried to get to bed early, probably got to bed just after 10:30pm. Didn't take long for me to fall asleep though, but of course I was up at 12:30, 1:30 to go to the bathroom. At 4:30 I woke up again, but just laid there until I fell back asleep. Woke up around 5:30 and left the hotel around 6:15 & went to Tim Hortons. Got to Binbrook with lots of time to fiddle around. I found my bib # & then racked the bike. I got my mom to take the bag back to the car & realized with only 10 minutes to go that I left my goggles, socks & Pam in it. Ugh, next time just keep it close.

GoodLife Toronto Marathon 2013 - Race Report

Woke up at 6:08 & dressed in my running clothes, went to get coffee at Tim Horton's but they were closed. :( Came back home & got gear together & sipped on some water & ate 1/2 a banana.
My mom ended up showing up 10 min too early & I ended up forgetting sun lotion. Oops.

Stopped at a TH to get a small coffee & bagel. Ate 1/2 the bagel & drank 1/2 the coffee. Got dropped off close to the start so didn't walk as far as I was expecting.

Before and After

My department that I work in has a monthly meeting and one individual must show a photo (which they must be in or have taken) or discuss their favourite movie or book. I chose to show a very old photo of myself.

This was me in December 2002. I was about 175lbs in this photo and had lost about 5 lbs from my peak. The 2nd photo is from last years first triathlon. Amazing what exercise can do.

Drupal - Media Module - Removing the Web tab

I was recently stomped by a request to remove the 'Web' tab in the Media browser window in Drupal.

It's Just a Bit of Gas

For the last 2 weeks I've been fighting a cold or a flu, I can't really tell the difference. It started with some body aches, headaches and a sore throat. Then I started to have a runny, stuffed up nose. This part has been carrying on for over a week. I even took Friday & Monday of last weekend off, to just sit around the house and relax. Slept a lot over the weekend and I think that helped greatly, but I still felt bad this week and even went home early from work on Tuesday so that I could rest because I've got a new project coming up and I needed to be 100% for it.

New Challenges in 2013!

I have signed up again with PRS Fit in what will be a very challenging but rewarding year for me in 2013. I have signed up for the following races:

My 2012 Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half Marathon Report

Woke up around 5:45am. Thankfully most of my stuff was all together, because I don't think clearly in the morning. My friends Irina & Zindine picked me up and we drove into Toronto. I'm glad they picked me up early (6:30) because there was long a line getting onto Spadina, mostly hampered by rain & construction on Spadina. I actually heard some people didn't make it to the start on time and didn't run the race. Most always get there early people!


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