Toronto Triathlon Festival 2014 Race Report

4:15am wake up call. Ugh, I'm not a morning person on the best of days and 1 issue I have with this race is the 6:50am start time. No problems getting up though and had my instant coffee. Gross. Had a banana with peanut butter and that's it. Not exactly hungry that early in the morning and with an Oly I'm not too worried about having enough food. It was suppose to start raining around 2am, but it looked like it had held off until my mom came to pick me. Then it started spitting, but nothing too hard.

Rose City Half Triathlon 2014

Woke up at 5am. Ugh, early mornings... I need my Tim Horton's coffee and I had found one that was 24hrs but it was a bit of a hike, so I wanted to get up early to be able to drink my coffee and have my morning, you know, movement. We ended up not having to go as far as I thought as there was a TH about 5min away by car and I was able to get my coffee there. Went back to the residences, where I was staying, and had my breakfast. Energy bar with peanut butter, banana with peanut butter and my TH coffee!

MultiSport Woodstock Sprint Triathlon 2014

Woke up at 6am, didn't get a lot of sleep some snoring by an nameless sherpa. Got my clothes & walked over to Tim Hortons, grabbed 1 small coffee with 1 cream & 1/2 sugar and some other items for my mother and Irina.  I quickly got back to the hotel and had my banana with peanut butter & drank the coffee. All done before 6:30am. Got my stuff all together (which was nicely placed into 1 bag.. 1 BAG!!!). Made up my Genucan (chocolate) and put Heed into 1 of my bottles and had it set up on the bike.

Toronto Yonge St 10K 2014

5th Year Anniversary

Today is the 5th year anniversary of a day that changed my life. I was at a party with some friends. I had complained about how bored I was of the 5k runs I was doing. A friend, Franciska Kouwenhoven, told me I should do the Harry Spring Run off 8k. The thought of doing anything more then a 5k had not even entered my brain. Thanks to that push, I signed up for the 8k and ran it in 51:45.

A Welcome to 2014

A new day, a new year. I actually started training on Monday December 30th, but since today is the start of a new year, I figured I should post about my 2014 races.

I am currently signed up for 5 races this year and eventually will be signed up for a 6th. I'll be doing 2 running events & 4 triathlons. No biggie.

Year End 2013

What a year. 2013 has been fairly good to me. I did the most number of races this year, 5 in all. I even had 3 PRs. I did a sub-2hr 1/2 marathon, a 52:36 10k (the last leg of an Olympic triathlon no less) and sub-4:30 marathon. I'm quite proud of these times and I keep pushing my limits. This has given me more confidence and I can't wait to do more in 2014. I also had lots of fun in many of these races as I got to do them with my friends Irina & Zindine. I thank them tremendously for making these races fun & enjoyable.

Favourite Holiday Songs

I love holidays in December and yes, I love Christmas music. I know.... an atheist that loves Christmas music. Sue me. Here's a list of some of my favourite Christmas/Holiday music. These are my must listen to songs every year.

Do They Know It’s Christmas Time - Band Aid

Twelve Days of Christmas - Bob & Doug McKenzie

Hamilton Marathon Road2Hope 2013 Race Report

Didn’t really have bad nerves for this race, I usually do. I got a good sleep on the Friday night and woke up around 9am on Saturday. Had my coffee & bagel in the morning & my mother picked me up around 11am, then we were off to Brampton to pick up Irina & her son.

Training runs - I'm getting faster!

I just finished a 2:45 training run and I'm quite pleased with my distance. I was able to run over 28km in that time. It got me thinking about my marathon training times from 2011 & 2010. I decided to take a look.


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