Rose City Half Triathlon 2014

Woke up at 5am. Ugh, early mornings... I need my Tim Horton's coffee and I had found one that was 24hrs but it was a bit of a hike, so I wanted to get up early to be able to drink my coffee and have my morning, you know, movement. We ended up not having to go as far as I thought as there was a TH about 5min away by car and I was able to get my coffee there. Went back to the residences, where I was staying, and had my breakfast. Energy bar with peanut butter, banana with peanut butter and my TH coffee!

MultiSport Woodstock Sprint Triathlon 2014

Woke up at 6am, didn't get a lot of sleep some snoring by an nameless sherpa. Got my clothes & walked over to Tim Hortons, grabbed 1 small coffee with 1 cream & 1/2 sugar and some other items for my mother and Irina.  I quickly got back to the hotel and had my banana with peanut butter & drank the coffee. All done before 6:30am. Got my stuff all together (which was nicely placed into 1 bag.. 1 BAG!!!). Made up my Genucan (chocolate) and put Heed into 1 of my bottles and had it set up on the bike.

Toronto Yonge St 10K 2014

5th Year Anniversary

Today is the 5th year anniversary of a day that changed my life. I was at a party with some friends. I had complained about how bored I was of the 5k runs I was doing. A friend, Franciska Kouwenhoven, told me I should do the Harry Spring Run off 8k. The thought of doing anything more then a 5k had not even entered my brain. Thanks to that push, I signed up for the 8k and ran it in 51:45.

A Welcome to 2014

A new day, a new year. I actually started training on Monday December 30th, but since today is the start of a new year, I figured I should post about my 2014 races.

I am currently signed up for 5 races this year and eventually will be signed up for a 6th. I'll be doing 2 running events & 4 triathlons. No biggie.

Year End 2013

What a year. 2013 has been fairly good to me. I did the most number of races this year, 5 in all. I even had 3 PRs. I did a sub-2hr 1/2 marathon, a 52:36 10k (the last leg of an Olympic triathlon no less) and sub-4:30 marathon. I'm quite proud of these times and I keep pushing my limits. This has given me more confidence and I can't wait to do more in 2014. I also had lots of fun in many of these races as I got to do them with my friends Irina & Zindine. I thank them tremendously for making these races fun & enjoyable.

Favourite Holiday Songs

I love holidays in December and yes, I love Christmas music. I know.... an atheist that loves Christmas music. Sue me. Here's a list of some of my favourite Christmas/Holiday music. These are my must listen to songs every year.

Do They Know It’s Christmas Time - Band Aid

Twelve Days of Christmas - Bob & Doug McKenzie

Hamilton Marathon Road2Hope 2013 Race Report

Didn’t really have bad nerves for this race, I usually do. I got a good sleep on the Friday night and woke up around 9am on Saturday. Had my coffee & bagel in the morning & my mother picked me up around 11am, then we were off to Brampton to pick up Irina & her son.

Training runs - I'm getting faster!

I just finished a 2:45 training run and I'm quite pleased with my distance. I was able to run over 28km in that time. It got me thinking about my marathon training times from 2011 & 2010. I decided to take a look.

Ironman 70.3 Muskoka 2013 - Race Report

Woke up around 5:20. Had a banana, threw on contacts, grabbed my gear & met my friends Irina & Zindine at Tim Hortons at 6am. Ordered an extra small coffee, cinnamon raisin bagel & some peanut butter packets. Drank 1/4 of the coffee (that's typical for me the day of the race), couldn't finish the bagel, left about a bite size left.



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