New Exercises this week!

I start a new exercise program this week since it has been 6 weeks since I started the last one. Day 1 & 3 Chest - Dumbbell Fly
Quads - Dumbbell Lunge
Chest - Hammer Grip Incline Dumbbell Press
Deltoid (Front) - Barbell Military Press
Calves - Seated Calf Raise
Triceps - Dumbbell Tricep Extension

Day 2 & 4 Back (Lats) - Assisted Pull-up
Hamstrings - Seated Leg Curl
Back (General) - Dumbbell Bent Over Row
Deltoid (Side) - Dumbbell Lateral Raise
Biceps - Cable Curl
Abdominals - Jack-Knife Sit-up
Obliques - Medicine Ball Twists

I'm also starting my 3rd week of training for the Waterloo Half-Marathon in April 2010.

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