My First Gynecologist Appointment

I finally had my first gynecologist appointment for my fibroids. I had all sorts of questions for her like what are my options? Wait time for surgery? Medication to delay/stop fibroid growth? But she had questions for me first. She wanted to know my medical history of course. Have I had surgery before, allergies, have I been pregnant etc... One of the questions she asked about was my alcohol consumption. I've been down to once a month, which is what I told her, so she asked if that was a new thing and yes it was. She asked if I had a drinking problem in the past and I was honest and told her yes. I used to drink lots over the years. I've had my problems with it, but I told her my reason was because of the Ironman. Thankfully she was quite fascinated by that. I told her that's where a lot of my questions came in. Would I be able to do it. And right away she told me yes, she could work around that. What a relief!


When she was done with the questions and was reviewing my fibroids chart she gave me her opinion on 3 options. 1. Drugs such as lupron or fibistral. 2. Uterine Artery Embolization or 3. Hysterectomy. The first one is only a temporary solution. Fibistral can only be used 3 months at a time and for some women it doesn't do anything. Even the lupron won't necessarily shrink them, but essentially starts menopause so that stops them from getting bigger. For me it essentially comes down to UAE or hysterectomy. There are pros and cons to both. So for the next month I will weigh my options and decide what to do, but to be honest, I'm leaning towards the hysterectomy. I do not have a burning urge to have children. If I really want them bad enough (which will be when I am grown up and mature) I could adopt.


For the next month I will have to do lots of research, so if any of you have gone through something similar or know of a person who has, then please let me know!


For me, the most important thing is that I can train for the Ironman this year and then have my fibroids out. I for one cannot wait!!


Side note, for the first time ever I had my legs in stirrups for an endometrial biospy. I have never used the stirrups until today. Thank goodness for my previous doctor. She got me to put my heels close to my butt and then gently release the knee towards the wall. So much better...

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