My Back Situation (Good news)

On Monday, January 17th, I went and saw a physiotherapist in Toronto. Wow, I'm glad I did! She did some stretching and gave me some exercises to do. She also said I could start running again, but to wait another week. She also said I could do other exercises in the meantime, so I was able to get on the elliptical that week. Not a moment too soon. I was going a little crazy since I hadn't done any exercises in over a week. That day I went on the crosstrainer and got back into my weight lifting plan, only doing 2 sets though. I got on the crosstrainer 3 times that week, which is way more then I would usually get on there, but I was happy just to exercise. I still had some back pain but it wasn't the sharp pain I was experiencing earlier in the month. By the end of the week my back had improved and by Saturday I felt like I could run. I went out for a very slow 5k. It felt great, so by Monday January 24th I went back to the gym and ran 6k & did 3 sets of weight lifting. It felt great just to be running. Normally my training schedule would call for some tempos, but I didn't want to push it. I did 7k on the Wednesday & then 10k on the Saturday. Everything felt great. Now my back wasn't perfect. I would still feel pain by the end of the work day, but it was getting better. This past Tuesday I was able to do a 5 k tempo and I have done the rest of my runs this week with no problems. I have modified the training schedule to ease myself back into it and should be into the regular running training schedule in 2 weeks. I went back to the physiotherapist this week as well, she noted great improvement and gave me some new exercises to perform. So you may ask, what was my problem? Core. My core was weak. I do weight lifting on a regular basis, but have actually neglected this part for some time. The 'Good Morning' (hamstring) exercises I was doing back in December was causing some back issues, so I stopped doing them and sometimes I wasn't doing my ab exercises. Bingo I thought, I needed to get back on that. I will do another week or 2 of the exercises I have in my previous post and then when I start my new workout routine, I will work on my core!!!

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