My ankle problems

I have been resting my ankle now for over a month. The doctor had said no running for at least a month on January 13th, which meant by next week I thought I was going to be good to go. Well not so fast. On January 25th I went on an old crappy stationary bike at the YMCA. Tried to mimic a spin class where you go fast & slow and played with the tension. When I was going fast and then slowing down the peddles would get stuck and jolt my ankles. Since then I have had major ankle pain, not just pins & needles. I haven't done any cardio, nothing in almost 2 weeks now. Only did upper body weights once. Problem though, I still have had to do a lot of walking. This isn't helping me.

I've recently realized that my problem is not in my Achilles, my problem has always been right around the ankle. I just assumed it was my Achilles. I thought Achilles was that whole area. It turns out my problem feels like it is more in the Posterior Tibial and I may have Posterior Tibial Tendonitis. I've also thought I had Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome. It would explain the tingling sensation and the pins & needles. The only issue with that diagnosis is that I would have figured the neurologist would have caught that.

My MRI is on Wednesday. I hope to figure out the problem soon. The amount of resting I'm doing isn't enough, but it's enough to drive me insane. Chiropractor has given me stretches and core exercises that give me a little something to do, but seriously I'm starting to go a little nuts. Hope to figure it out soon.


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Hey Carol, while reading Pharmie's blog (Steve in a speedo's wife) I came across this post and immediately thought of you. Maybe you can talk to her and compare booboos. It's been a while for her though...


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