MultiSport Woodstock Sprint Triathlon 2014

Woke up at 6am, didn't get a lot of sleep some snoring by an nameless sherpa. Got my clothes & walked over to Tim Hortons, grabbed 1 small coffee with 1 cream & 1/2 sugar and some other items for my mother and Irina.  I quickly got back to the hotel and had my banana with peanut butter & drank the coffee. All done before 6:30am. Got my stuff all together (which was nicely placed into 1 bag.. 1 BAG!!!). Made up my Genucan (chocolate) and put Heed into 1 of my bottles and had it set up on the bike.

Got to event at 7:15, as soon as registration opened. Irina & I racked our bikes, then we got over to bib & race kit pick up. Then quickly got had our body markings done, then went back into transition & set up all my stuff.  I grabbed my Genucan & took my time drinking it as I waited in the line up for the bathroom.  Took some pics with the iPhone and talked to mom a bit, then decided to hand off the phone to her and get back into transition.

When I got back into transition I had decided I'd should put the wetsuit on and go warm up in the water. They were letting swimmers go in and warm up, since the water was so cold (61°F or 16°C). Took my time getting in, I had to adjust, it was quite cold and this was my first open water swim of the season. As I adjusted I thought I should try to swim the 1st buoy which was about 300m away. I went out and was breathing every stroke. Whatever, I had my head in the water. Then after awhile I was more relaxed and I started breathing every 3 strokes (my normal routine). During that warm up I peed twice in the water. That certainly helped to warm up. lol. It was getting close to the first wave and since I was in the 4th and final wave I had to get out of the water. I started shivering, but after a few minutes the warm sun was able to keep me warm enough. The elites took off and we all noticed that as they got to the 1st orange buoy they started turning. Oops, there was a farther green buoy that was just beyond the orange one and they had all made the wrong turn. They were able to get corrected and got over to the green buoy, but I'm sure they were not impressed. Then we, the 40+ F and men 50+, finally took off at 9:12am. It was a pretty easy start, not a whole lot of us and I only banged into a few people at the start. Most of the swim was relaxed and I took it easy. Maybe too easy. I was a little slow and didn't get a PR, but I didn't water panic or drown. Success!

In T1 (transition between swim & bike) I took my time, again... too much time! Really slow on that. Need to work on that a little more. I was quick with getting the wetsuit off, but then I was putting on the helmet and then trying to put the bike gloves on. I decided against the bike gloves since it was only a sprint and I didn't really need them. Put on the shoes, grabbed the bike. Took a sec to make sure I had everything I needed and I was good to go. Went out the shute and dismounted. Not a lot of people around me so I was able to take my time. Once out on the road, I started passing a lot of people, so much that after about 5 or 6, I stopped counting because it was constant. This made me feel great! I only got passed 3 times and one was just before the turn around point and then a couple of times after that. I drank a bit of the Heed around the 5k point, and then after the turn around point I would grab a sip every few minutes. I was getting a little dry in the mouth, but I also didn't want to over drink as I was afraid I would have to go pee. As I got to the end of the ride, I ended up wanting to go pee, but it wasn't urgent so I figured I could get through the run. When I got off the bike I asked the time, it was 10:15 so I knew I got my swim & bike where I wanted, but I had hoped I was doing better then that. Oh well.

Got into T2 (bike to run) and was looking for my spot. I was close to the right area but ended up going to the rack beside mine and had to go over 1 more. Gah! Got back to my spot, racked the bike changed the shoes got the helmet off, put on my running hat and took off. Didn't need any nutrition on this run as water and Heed were on the course.

The first part of the run was mostly a steady climb so didn't go out too quickly. Passed a few people and grabbed water on 1st aid station. Started passing a few more. Grabbed Heed at the next aid station and passed more people. I think I had only 1 or 2 people pass me on the run. Which again, felt great. Didn't feel like I was pushing too hard, but still maintained a few fast pace. On the last 1km I pushed it a little harder also knowing it was mostly downhill and sprinted at the end, even though there was no one to pick off.

A great start to the triathlon season!

Swim - 750m - 17:57; Bike - 20km - 42:55;Run - 5km - 24:46

A top 10 finish in my age group! Ok, 9th place out of 14, but hey, Top 10! lol

Thanks to my mom! Irina for being there for me! and of course my coach Rebecca of PRS Fit!


Update #1: I would like to say that the Woodstock race was phenomenal and I would totally do this race again next year. It was well put together, the MultiSport Canada - Recharge with Milk put on great races!

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