Multisport Bracebridge Olympic Triathlon 2014 Race Report

Leading up to the race I had been having blood pressure problems. Tuesday before the race my blood pressure was as high as 150/90. On the 2nd check after 10min, it was slightly lower at 134/80. Much better, but still not ideal.


My mom & I drove up to Bracebridge early Saturday afternoon. The worst time of day (besides Friday) to go up there, especially when the weather is wonderful. Lots of people going up to the beach and/or cottages. It was crazy busy on the roads and I could tell my blood pressure was rising. I needed to relax and just wasn't able to on the road. When we finally got to Bracebridge we did some errands around there and at one point we stopped at Shopper's Drug Mart to get supplies. I checked my blood pressure and it was at 153/91. Uh, worse then before. I didn't have time to relax and check it later so we left and got settled in at the log cabin we were staying at. Finally I was able to relax there.


Later in the evening we met up with a co-worker of mine and his partner & friend's. My co-worker & one of his friends was doing the Oly as well and he had another friend doing the swim/bike. We had a great dinner (spaghetti of course!) and then we headed back to our respective cabins.

Woke up around 5:30, went for Tim Horton’s and had coffee, but brought in banana and peanut butter. I had no knife so a local went an got me one from the TH staff. Awesome. Bracebridge people are very nice.


Got to site early picked up race kit (Multisport is very efficient at this) and got all my gear set up. Went to bathroom with no problems before line up became large. Found friends that were racing and got a selfie.

Time trial start for swim. People were passing me in waves throughout swim. Felt uncomfortable but not panicky. Water was fairly warm. Elbowed in the eye. Not a fan of the tt start.


Onto bike, T1 fast, but forgot food, it was hot so that was bad. Heart rate getting into 170s on the hills. I found cyclists swerving into the road when cars were behind them. They weren’t paying attention. Other cyclists were good though and 1 or 2 cars got a little close. A school bus in particular was a little too close to me and gave me absolutely no room and I had to slow down.


On run I grabbed 2 gels and ate 1 on the way out. Made sure to have water and heed at every aid station. Water was splashed on my head or body and I would drink the Heed. Although my coach wanted me my heart rate to remain below 170, after 2k the heart rate went above 170 and never went lower than that. I felt though that I was at a maintainable pace. I started looking for Pascal on the other side when I was at the 3k point, but didn’t see him until the 4k marker and he was about 300m ahead of me. We waved to each other a bit after he turned around. He suspected I would catch up but once I turned around I started slowing down a bit. It was getting hot and I was going to have another gel but I felt like if I had another one I would have barfed. Just wanted to focus and get the run done in under an hour. 55min was still a good target. Pascal got about 500m ahead of me but at the 8k mark I was able to regain some steam and pushed it harder. Then at the 2nd last turn around I pushed really hard. Ran past an 18 year old (that felt great) and then I could tell I was getting closer to Pascal. Another man was pushing it past Pascal too and with about 100m left I ran past Pascal and then the other older man. Went really hard down to the finish line.


I walked off at the end and talked to Pascal & others. My mom found me but I thought I should go to the medical tent. I felt like I was going to pass out. My heart rate didn’t really feel like it was dropping. It was a good thing I did. They took care of me really well. Set me up with lots of ice all over my body and got some cola in me to raise my sugar level. Not a genius I am. Not to self. Make sure to eat on the bike. It’s an Oly, not a Sprint. You can’t get away with that on an Oly in hot weather.


Check out my photo album on Facebook.


Thanks to my mother for being my sherpa this year. Again to my coach Rebecca. A shout out to Pascal and his friend's for doing this triathlon and hanging out with me. I missed not having Irina & Zindine as they raced the sprint the day before, so it was nice having friend's and be able to "talk shop" with them.

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