Modified Runne's Workout

Since starting my last workout, I've put my YMCA membership on hold & started doing my work outs at home. Therefore I've had to modify my runner's workout.

Quads – Barbell Squat - changed to dumbbell squat
Hamstrings -Dead lift - changed to use dumbbells
Quads – Sumo Squat
Calves – Calf Press - changed to Calf Raise on the steps
Lower Back – Good Morning with dumbbells instead of barbells
Obliques – Dumbbell Side Bend
Bicep – Concentration Curls
Chest – Dumbbell Pull over
Abdominals – Captain's Chair - changed to crunches on the exercise ball.

I only had to change a few things, but is still a good workout for me to do at home.

Still doing the running of course. Ran 18 miles yesterday. I was quite sore yesterday, but my body has recovered nicely. Should be ready for a 50 minute run tomorrow evening!

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