Loving TrainerRoad!

For Valentine's Day my boyfriend gave me a Garmin 920XT. One of the reasons I wanted it so much was to use TrainerRoad as TR wasn't compatible with my Polar RCX5. I've been using the Garmin for a month and I love it. I've used TrainerRoad for about 2 or 3 weeks now and I am really enjoying it. Last weekend I also got myself a Kurt Kinetic Road Machine. So far I like that it doesn't wobble as much as my Cyclops Mag+ and it is a lot less noisy and it has less vibrations. But I'm a lot slower on this trainer then on the Cyclops and I'm not so enamored with that. My friend, Zindine, told me that was going to happen, but I don't think I was ready for that mentally. I also did my first FTP test a few weeks ago as I mentioned on my previous post but I definitely need to do it again and thankfully my coach has set me up to do another one next week (Bike Functional Threshold Test 2). Hopefully I will have a higher FTP and my OCD will be slightly better while I do these rides.


On my Monday of this week I did my Glute/Hamstring workout in the morning but by the afternoon I was completely exhausted. Damn time change! Don't get me wrong, I love Daylight Savings Time but my body can't take the change like it used to. I didn't think I could make it through the whole workout so I went home and went to bed early instead. It was a good call. I woke up the next day with lots of energy for my run. The run was just my typical "build endurance" run which is 20minutes in zone 2, 3 minutes in zone 3, repeat until my time is done with the last 3 minutes in zone 3. It was 1h15m run and it felt great! Weather has been warming up and I am so thankful!



On Wednesday I had another leg session. It was my 2nd in the last 2 weeks and I was not looking forward to it. Lots of lunges and squats and bridges. Painful. I managed to do 2 sets this time as last week I only did 1. Not looking forward to doing 3 sets. I know, it needs to be done but ugh, it's just one of those workouts I dread. I really need to push myself on these workouts and it's hard. I can't just breeze through them. Well guess what Carol... doing an Ironman you will not be able to breeze through it, so get off your ass and get it done! I had a note from my coach about stretching that day. I definitely needed it. I have been neglegent on that and I'm starting to feel the consequences. My body is getting pretty tight, so the stretching that day really helped. I also went to my swim class that evening as I was feeling much better. Those workouts are getting a little longer but I'm probably not going to be able to get much more in distance in the time alloted. My swim workout:

8*75 15" rest
5*150 descend 20"
5*150 race pace 20"
2*150 100medium 50 fast 20" rest
100 cool down


Thursday's run was fantastic! Even if my legs were tight from the workout the day before. The warm weather is making me faster, well, the less clothing is, and it feels wonderful!


On Friday I had a TrainerRoad ride called Baxter. You'll notice my power is higher then what it calls for but anything lower and my heart rate wasn't even in zone 1. So I had to push it a little. I like that TrainerRoad has these already configured workouts it makes it fun and interesting. Believe me when you have to be on the bike a long time you need something to keep it interesting. Trainer Road - Baxter


Saturday was a spa day for me so my run was in Coldwater, ON. It wasn't sunny and mostly a dreary day but I just missed the rain so I call it a win. A nice change in scenery is always good. It was just a nice easy zone 2 run.


On Sunday I had a 1h45m ride and did it early in the afternoon. I would personally like to do these earlier but I didn't get home from Coldwater until noon and then I had to run some errands. After that I got home and was about to get ready for my ride when I realized I hadn't had lunch. Um... yeah, I need food. I need it for the energy and this was going to be my longest ride of the year. I did the Virginia workout and I kind of enjoyed it. It involved Form Sprints and Endurance Spinning. Oh yeah! Now that was interesting. No boring crap. Loved it, but yeah, definitely need to do another FTP test. My heart rate was definitely up on this one. Felt good. http://www.trainerroad.com/cycling/rides/1839630-Virginia


Another good week. Still didn't hear from the doctor about my urine test and ultrasound. No news, is good news? I know, I need to get on them more. Less then a month now until the gynecologist appointment. I had a B12 shot this week and that is helping with my energy levels. I will stick with that for awhile.



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