Ironman training moves along

Sorry, I've skipped a week or so but I've been pretty busy. Training for the Ironman has gone fairly well the last couple of weeks. The weather was at it's coldest in mid-February but thankfully since then it's warmed up quite a bit. We are now seeing plus 0 temperatures during the day and I for one welcome it!


Feb 23rd - Mar 1st:

I had to skip my swim class on Monday as I had some errands that I had to get done that night and had no time to get the class. I made up for it with a swim on Friday however and did a bike ride that day too. Considering I swam in the morning and biked in the evening I managed to get through it with no problems. Had lots of energy too. I also figured out how to work my new Garmin 920XT in the pool. I go from regular swimming to drills and it took me a bit to figure out what was going on.  The runs that week were also very cold as I mentioned, -18C with -26C wind chills. Why I insist on not taking these runs indoors I'll never know. I just love to run outside. Since speed work wasn't really a factor I don't mind being slow outside. Being indoors bores me and there is a time and place for it, but I wasn't having any of that. As for the bike I got myself a Suunto Movestick Mini. This allows me to connect my Garmin 920XT to my computer and use Trainer Road on my computer. With the Trainer Road software it returns the power to my Garmin. It is kind of awesome. If you have to have bike rides indoors on the trainer I highly recommend getting TrainerRoad for the winter months at least.


Mar 2nd - 8th:

I did 8.5hours of swim, bike and run this week, the most of any week so far. My swim class on Monday was cancelled due to some pool maintenance so I had another bike ride on the Monday, nice and easy. Got to fidget with TrainerRoad and my Garmin again. That's so cool! I used Lazy Mountain and Bays + 1 for my 2 ride workouts. As for my runs I thought it was going to warm up last week, but it didn't. It was still quite cold -17C but windchill wasn't as bad. Roads are getting clearer (I just missed a snow storm on the Tuesday run thank goodness) and by Sunday's run it was nice and warm. I only had to have 2 layers on my upper body. The swimming has been pretty good, and I'm getting the hang of the Garmin. One thing I need to remember is switching back and forth from the 25m pool I swim in with the TTC and the 25yard pool I swim in by myself at Ryerson. After a few lengths at the pool is usually when I remember. Always drives me nuts.


As for the UTI situation, my doctor gave me a requisition for another KUD ultrasound and another urine test. I had them both done last week and I haven't heard either way the results. This is so annoying. I suppose I could email or call but I'm sick of having to be on their ass about it all the time. I feel like the fibroids have gotten bigger though. And although it doesn't bother me when I swim, bike or run, I am noticing more of an issue when it comes to my bowels. I can feel way more pressure then I used to and I'm pretty sure it isn't necessarily the food I eat. I've been finding it a struggle too to eat healthy. This only makes the pain worse, but there's only so much brown rice I'm willing to eat.


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