The hay is in the barn

I have just finished my peak week of training for Ironman Muskoka. I can't believe I survived!


I swam 3 times Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Monday's swim was 3500 yards, while Wednesday's swim was 3800yards. My last swim of the week came Friday which I did after work. Usually I like to swim before but time is limited at my pool in the morning and it was hot and I had a run that day (1:20), so I ran in the morning (1:20) and then did a 4200yard swim. That was really hard, but my time was actually good. I was under 1:30 and considering I was in the pool, I know I should be able to hit that target come race day.


Tuesday and Wednesday I had bricks. My bike on Tuesday was 4*6min zone 3 intervals in 1 hour and then a 1 hour run. On Thursday I had a 2 hour bike ride (HIM intervals) and then a 20min zone 2 run. Fun times!


Then came the long ride on Saturday. 180km! I planned it out so that I could make some stops for water/Gatorade and I also made sure there would be bathrooms. I started at Angus Glen Community Centre in Markham and then headed north. It was a fairly good ride until I hit some gravel north of Queensville. I had heard there had been construction but I completely forgot. Instead of turning onto Queensville I kept going, not knowing exactly how long this was going to be. It was really rough and I should have made a turn onto the 1st side road but I held off until Cole rd. Lost some time there, but I seemed to make up for it. Got up to Sutton bought some Gatorade and then I was off. I knew I was going to avoid Warden between Ravenshoe and Queensville and I was able to do so by taking Kennedy Rd down. It seemed much faster then Warden and I would gladly take that route again. I got back down to the car at Angus Glen, grabbed more of my Hammer Perpetuem, threw away some of my garbage and grabbed more of my nutrition. Then I was off and went back up but this time I made a few more turns to go into a different direction. Something different. It was a nice change of scenery but definitely more hilly. I needed that anyways. Made 1 stop at a gas station for water and then finished up. Those last 2 hours were really hard. I ended up DM'ing my coach. She rallied members of KR Endurance and I saw messages pouring in that I could do this. I really needed that. It really helped me get through it.



Me after the long ride


Also note that before I started the ride I checked my tires and although I had changed the tire the day before it had lost some air. I ended up changing my tube before I started as the other one seem to be leaking air. That kind of freaked me out but I'm glad I checked!


On Sunday I had a 3:10 run. That was extremely tough. I knew it was going to be hot so I had to get up early, but I wanted to make sure I got a good nights sleep. So I ended up waking up around 6:45 and started my run around 7:30. I started off slow and picked up in the middle of my run. I know I wasn't suppose to worry about my pace, but I hate to see over 10min/mi, which was what I was doing. My heart rate actually was mostly in zone 1 but my legs didn't want to move faster. After awhile I was able to pick it up into zone 2 and saw my speed in the 9:30min/mi range which made me happier. After awhile I got slower again, but I was fine with that. I didn't want to quit and I was having a good run and that to me made me happy.

Here's my run on Strava:



That's it! I'm now essentially done. It's taper time and I'm looking forward to taking it slightly easier for the next 2 weeks. OMG! 2 weeks! I'm racing in 2 weeks! Holy crap.

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You are doing great! Very exciting to have the big race coming up after all that work. Enjoy the taper.


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