Harry Spring Run Off Race Report 2015

Woke up at 7am and had oatmeal with a banana. Had all my gear lined up the night before and took my time getting ready. Thankfully I did all my bathroom stuff before I left for the race. Perfect! Left early to make sure I got to the race site.



Once at the race site I walked around with the boyfriend. They had a mini-expo there but I didn’t really look around. I walked over to the starting position. We then walked around slightly north of there and found a spot that my boyfriend could see me a few times during the race and at the end. Then walked buck to the start line and I spent a few minutes warming up. Got into the start corral and waited. I had 2 layers on my upper body, the tech t from the race and a running jacket, along with a pair of tights that I’ve had for 5 years and compression socks. I was actually not that cold, considering the start of the race was to be 1°C and a windchill of -4°C. I was in the yellow corral which was the 35-44 and was hoping for sub-40 but I figured sub-44 was more reasonable.


And it quickly started with the red corral and the yellow corral was not far behind. I was only 26seconds off from gun time. I’ve never been that close to the start before! I was going a quick pace but didn’t feel too bad. I looked down and I was at 7:50min/mi which was slightly faster then the 8min/mi I knew I had to keep in order to get 40min. I knew the hills would be brutal, so I kept it light. We came around to the north part and I saw Dave taking pics and cheering me on. I felt good!



Then it was going downhill, I had to keep a good pace here but make sure I didn’t go too fast because I was afraid of tumbling down. That would have been bad. There was some puddles in 1 section here but it wasn’t too bad considering it had been a fairly bad winter with lots of snow. I was actually going around around 4:23min/mi at 1 point. That is just insane. We got to a turn and some more down hill and then back up hill. The 1st significant uphill, not too bad, it wasn’t too steep and I was able to maintain a pace of under 9min/mi. We hit a water station and I decided to grab something. Grabbed the gatorade and just had a sip, I felt a little dehydrated but didn’t want to drink too much because I didn’t want to have to go pee nor did I want to slow down too much. I didn’t see Dave but apparently he got a pic of me, he was on the opposite side.



We started to go south again and I knew there was going to be another steep hill to go down. Road here was a little rough so I had to go a little slower here but still a very fast pace. I mostly stayed under 8min/mi there. We got to the south part of the park and I knew it was going to be mostly flat to uphill here. I had to make sure I had enough in the tank for the end. I was able to keep steady. Small little hill here and it looks like I slowed down to 10min/mi, then a little flat and then back up the hill. I was waiting for the 400m mark and the steep hill came. Some how I was able to maintain under 9min/mi, I’m not sure how. It certainly helped that Tribe Fitness had a cheering section here. It helped me to get up that hill. I didn’t want to look at my heart rate here. I knew it was high. I was actually passing people up the hill. It felt awesome. I got to the top of the hill and was trying so hard to go faster I got to the last turn and made it to the end, with 1 guy flying by me but I knew I was going as fast as I could, but it definitely wasn’t as fast as my normal sprints to the end. The hill sucked a little bit of the life out of me. I saw the time and it was 40minutes and something, so I knew I didn’t get sub-40 but my watch said 40:29 and I was quite pleased with that.


My official time was 40:26. I came  in 10th place out of 118 women in the 40-44 age group. Pleased! I’ve never performed so well in my age group before.  I did this race 6 years ago and I improved my time by over 11minutes. That is progress!

Thanks so much to my boyfriend, Dave. He helped me get ready the night before and was my sherpa for the race. I know I wasn’t the most pleasant person to be around. I get a little frazzled leading up to races. I think it helped that I hadn’t actually planned on doing this race until the week of the race. Signed up during the kit pick up on Wednesday. It was a last minute decision that I am thankful I made. Thanks to my coach Rebecca for letting me race. I certainly needed this. Since I DNF my marathon last year I didn’t really have the confidence I used to have and I needed this boost.



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