Getting Desperate

Finally saw the neurologist today. Nothing of course is wrong with my nerves. He said I was healthy and he was pleased with my exercising, but he wanted me to rest with the running. He figures I have Achilles tendonitis, but he has put me on a waiting list for an MRI just to make sure.

I was getting a little impatient with waiting for the neurologist call so yesterday I made myself an appointment for a chiropractor. I saw him today only a few hours after the neurologist. He found tonnes of things wrong with me. He noticed right away that my calves were swollen and extremely tight. Um, yeah, hello, of course. I've known that, I guess I just wasn't doing enough about it. My back was also extremely tight & my spine was misaligned and he decided on a course of treatment.

Now I haven't gone to a chiropractor in over 20 years. The one I went to used a stick and didn't use the physical manipulation. This guy did. Woah. Crack, crack, crack, crack, crack.... I let out a gasp and then laughed. He asked if I was ok. I most certainly was, but it reminded me of a scene at the beginning of Truth or Dare, when Madonna was on the table getting worked on by the chiropractor and instead of hearing the cracks you hear the clap of thunder. Weird thought I know, but it's what came to my mind.

He kept on doing the manipulation and there was a lot, a lot of cracking. Felt very good. I think I will rest for the rest of the week. Then depending on how I'm feeling, start running again next week. My ankles feel a little sore again, but I attribute that to the testing the neurologist did with the hitting instrument he used.

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