First week of training for Ironman Muskoka

I have finished my 1st week of training for Ironman Muskoka 2015 and considering I ended up getting sick this week (a sinus cold) it was a great week. By the end of the week I was much better. I have been quite excited about training for my first Ironman, but recently I have found out I may get sidelined.


In December I saw my doctor, I had been having symptoms of bloating, fatigue, depression, brain fog and some kind of lump in my lower abdomen. The doctor felt like there were 2 things going on. She felt my stomach and said I should have an ultrasound on my pelvis and abdomen and a transvaginal ultrasound as well. As for the other issues she wanted to have my thyroid checked. I had told her I had previously been on Zoloft and she said that may be an option. Hell NO!!! But I didn't say that. There was no way I was going on that stuff again. I was a zombie when I was on Zoloft. It was awful and I knew if I went back on it, there was no way I would want to do my workouts. So for me that wasn't even an option.


I got the blood work done right away and the thyroid came back normal. I should also mention that I had had a low B12 result back in August and had to get that done back in November, I thought that was the cause of some of my symptoms but when I was re-tested it came back normal. So those 2 weren't the culprits. As for the ultrasound I had to wait 2 weeks to get it done. This was because when I originally scheduled it was for a week later but then I ended up going to my boyfriend's grandfather's funeral. So I had to re-schedule. I got those results a week later and what a shock that was.

"This patient has extensive multifibroid uterus. The uterus measures 19.4x7.9x12.1cm. The following fibroids are measured:

1) fundal, 12.2x11.5x9.4cm

2) anterior fundal subserosal, 6.6x5.8x4.6cm

3) right lateral upper body subserosal, 4.0x3.9x3.4cm

4) right lower body, 4.0x3.9x3.4cm

5) left anterior upper body intramural, 1.8x1.7x1.7cm

6) left lateral upperbody intramural, 1.8x1.5x1.4cm

7) left lower body pedunculated, 3.7x3.7x3.2cm"


Ok, so I wasn't losing my mind, I actually have something going on in my stomach. I did think I was pregnant it was that big, but I was on the pill and having my periods, so that didn't seem plausible. It was honest to goodness fibroids. And 7 of them. But I read on...

"The right ovary is occupied by a septated hypoechoic lesion measuring 5.0x3.8x3.3cm with low level echoes. It looks like either a mucinous cyst or a cyst of endometriosis in evolution."

Um... yeah, so I may or may not have endometriosis. That's bad, right? Oh more...

"Two small echogenic lesions are seen inthe right lobe of the liver, segment 8 measuring 0.7x0.9x0.8cm and in segment 7, 1.2x1.1x0.8cm"

WTF? The liver? Ugh...


Right now I'm not too concerned with the cyst on the ovary or the lesions on the liver. In my mind, it's nothing to worry about now and they will be monitored. As for the fibroids however. I've now been waiting 3 weeks to hear back from the gynecologist that my doctor referred me to. Nothing, so now I wait. I've read up on my options online but really don't know what they are since I live in Toronto. But if I have to wait over 3 weeks to even hear from the gynecologist about getting an appointment, I'm don't have much hope. I may be able to have a procedure done quickly (not likely) with little recovery time or I may end up with surgery with a long recovery time and that means no Ironman this year. I really hate being in limbo, but for now, I'm doing my workouts, hoping for the best and dreaming of being an Ironman.

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I'm so sorry to hear this, Carol - I hope you get answers soon.

On that subject, you may want to make a pest of yourself to whichever office is supposed to be doing the referral. Twice my kids have had been referred to specialists and in both cases the actual appointments never got made until I started making anxious phone calls, and it was clear my family doctor's staff hadn't contacted the specialist at all until I started getting cranky and asking WTF was going on with the appointment.

I called on Friday. They said they would get back to me when they got a hold of them. I plan on calling every day.


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