It has been awhile since my last post, so I will give you an update on my ankles since late February.

The last post was about the physiotherapist report. I saw my doctor after that report in mid-March and she scheduled me for an EMG. I had that done on April 13th and everything was normal. The physiatrist decided that he should schedule a bone scan, but felt that it wouldn't show anything. So this put ideas in my head.

In the meantime my ankles were feeling a little better that week. I had noticed that I stopped wearing my winter sports socks the last few days... hmmm could this have been the problem? I did buy them in November/December and my massage therapist had noted back in March that they were leaving an impression on my legs so she thought they may be too tight. For a few days I suspected this may have been the problem and like a fool I started running again. 

I ran 15 minutes one day, 3 days later I ran for 20 min, 2 days later 22 min and so on. Last Saturday (April 21st) I ran for 24 minutes. Nothing too crazy, but I really don't think I should have pushed it like that. I felt fine when I was running, but the last few days my ankles have been really bad. Definitely flaring up. I've also been biking quite a bit too. I do one long ride on the weekend. So much so that 2 Sundays ago I biked 42 km. That was a little too much, but went back down to only 33 km the past weekend. I also started commuting to work and that's 12 km a day.

If the EMG rules out anything neurological, then what exactly will a bone scan show? Broken bones? How about arthritis? Wouldn't that have been shown in the EMG?

I just wish I knew what the hell was going on, I want my life back. Yes, there are other ways to exercise, but even walking can be painful at this point. At a certain point you just get frustrated and you don't want to do anything. I am at this point. Yes, I can still do upper body workouts and yes, I can still swim. But I don't want to do these things. I WANT TO RUN. I just feel so defeated.

Hopefully something will be seen during the bone scan, although if it is negative for anything then maybe it's just Achilles tendonitis and I have to find some other way to treat it.


- tingly/prickly/burning feeling inside of ankles (NOTE: Not on the skin, inside the ankles)
- heels feel like they are worn out
- some pain in the Achilles tendon area (this happened back in November and seems to have flared up again the last few days, also note that this wasn't a problem from late December until last week)

Anybody have any advice?

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Don't be too hard on yourself for having gone out to run and bike. Just because it made it feel worse it doesn't mean that you did further damage to whatever is complaining in your body right now. Even the smallest moments of bliss can lead to a better state of mind overall and to a quicker recovery. I am no specialist but I believe in the power of the mind. Please don't feel like a cripple, I'm sure someone will figure it out. Keep believing, Carol.

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