Binbrook Triathlon 2013 - Race Report

Tried to get to bed early, probably got to bed just after 10:30pm. Didn't take long for me to fall asleep though, but of course I was up at 12:30, 1:30 to go to the bathroom. At 4:30 I woke up again, but just laid there until I fell back asleep. Woke up around 5:30 and left the hotel around 6:15 & went to Tim Hortons. Got to Binbrook with lots of time to fiddle around. I found my bib # & then racked the bike. I got my mom to take the bag back to the car & realized with only 10 minutes to go that I left my goggles, socks & Pam in it. Ugh, next time just keep it close.

Went to the water and tried to do some swimming. Right away, I panicked. Got back to shore as the red caps were going first. Had to play a mental game. I wanted to walk away right there. But I forced myself. I just said that I could swim with my head out of the water, so I did. I just couldn't manage to get my head in the water. After just over a 3rd of the way we made our first turn, I didn't have a lot of people around me, they all were so much faster. Did the back stroke a few times. Got lots of water in my mouth. Gross. After the 2nd turn I think I took it too sharp and this is where I veared off course. I asked my mother if they said anything about some idiot going off course, she said they mentioned it. I said it was me. (/facepalm) I should have realized it sooner but there weren't many swimmers near me. Once I figured it out, I swam for the buoy and kept on going. By this point the next wave was catching up and there was only a couple of us yellow caps left. I believe if I hadn't gone off course I would have been slightly closer to my goal of 15min, maybe 16, but I lost 3 minutes there. Not a happy camper.

My heart rate was going 90 miles an hour so when I got out of the water I walked a bit. There was lots of cheering so I picked up the pace & figured my heart rate would go down when I get changed. It did. I noticed my T1 time was slower then last year, but I think that's because the transition area was way longer then Lakeside. Got the wetsuit off with no problems. Put on the socks (with majorly wet grass, this wasn't fun but thankfully we weren't in the gravel area as I had feared) & shoes with no problems (I bought the no tie laces, so far so good. I really like them) and then went off on the bike. There were a few people right around the mounting area so I had to get around them to mount my bike. I started off slowly before the 1st turn and then picked it up. I then noticed it wasn't that windy so picked it up some more. Lots of people were passing me, but I knew that was the next wave & it was mostly the men. I passed 1 or 2 stragglers in the 1st 5 km, but there was 1 woman that we seemed to go back and forth. We did this for the whole bike course until the last 2 km, where I pushed it hard and finished ahead. I was able to grab some water & some heed while riding. I didn't want to drink too much because I was afraid I was going to have to pee. When I got to the 4th turn however I was very confused. Turns out they changed the bike route. Instead of 2 turn arounds, they made it so that there was only 1 turn around. Great, but I had no idea. It ended up being a great ride though. It was slightly more bendy but road was great. At the turn around which was the 1/2 way mark I had nobody in front of me, which allowed me to go nice & slow and do the turnaround with no problem. Don't think the people behind me were fans, but too bad. I didn't want to fall thank you! At this point I was at 32:30 or so and was hoping to make it less then my goal which was 1:05 for the bike. I was able to pick up the pace a little & pass a few more people (which felt good) I was still going back & forth with that 1 woman. Actually there was about 4 of us that kept going back & forth. They tended to pass me on the up hills, which I thought I was doing really well, but they just must have been better.

Once I got into transition I was able to go quickly into my running gear, but I think I was a little slow putting the bike back up. It also didn't help that the run shoot was way over on the other side which seemed far. At this point I felt like I had to go pee (actually had that sensation just before I had to start swimming too, but not so much while biking). It didn't give me any cramping, but I also felt dehydrated so when there was water stations I had some Heed (thankfully they have Heed & not Gatorade). After about 500m the woman I was biking with ran by me and said "Hey, my biking partner!", she wished me luck and she was off. No way I could keep up. I thought I was going pretty fast, under 9min/mi, which is faster than what I was expecting for this. During the hills I slowed down to about 9:50 or 10:10, but for the most part I was pretty consistent. I actually thought about going into the bushes at 1 point to go to the bathroom, but knew I was far behind everybody & it didn't hurt so I kept going. I started getting chest pains (just like I did at Lakeside) and knew it was gas. Ugh, again, didn't drink the night before this time, so I suspect it's the coffee. I find that it helps get things moving if you know what I mean, but I think I've been drinking a little too much coffee in the last few weeks and it's giving me gas/chest pains. I did get hiccups when I was on the bike, but thankfully they didn't last long.

After making the final turn and going into the last 1km and into the grass, I just made sure to keep steady & not to lose my footing. Grass was wet so it made it a little slippery. I got near the end & my mom was cheering. I wanted to push harder but at this point I was afraid I was going to puke due to the gas. I wasn't going slow, but yeah, I know I could have run faster. Made it under my goal of 45 minutes, so happy with that.

I learned a lot from this, I need to work on my open water swims. This wasn't news to me, but with 2 triathlons coming up that have longer swims, I need to nail this down. I also need to work on my nutrition. Something is causing me to have the chest pain (which I know is just gas) and my guess is that it is the coffee. I need to cut it down.

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