Back pain sucks

This year is not starting out well for me. I have been experiencing back pain for the last 3 weeks. I was still running up until this past Monday. The pain was only occuring when I was sitting @ my desk or when I was in a car. The best way to describe it was nerve pain. Since it had gone on for over 2 weeks I decided to call my doctor about the lower back pain & booked an appointment for Friday (Jan 14th). Since the back pain didn't occur when I was running, I kept at it. On Monday evening however that changed and my back was hurting while I was running. Plus my right big toe was sore. By Tuesday I noticed I had an ingrown toe nail so I decided I would stop running for a few days. I believe the back pain & ingrown toenail are slightly related to each other. I got a new pair of Doc Martin's last spring and of course they are usually tight, but they usually loosen up after a few wearings. I didn't wear them much in the summer, but I started wearing them more in the fall. I was also walking in them for at least a 1/2 hour a day Monday to Thursday. The shoes remained tight around my toe area and always bothered me, but I dealt with it. Stupid, stupid move. It wasn't until this past Tuesday I put 2 and 2 together and stopped wearing the Doc Martins. On Wednesday & Thursday I stopped experiencing the pain while I was at work, but by Thursday evening when I drove home the pain came back (again while I was sitting). The pain was there a little when I went to visit the doctor. She gave me teva-ketorolac 10mg for the back pain & cephalexin 500 mg for the ingrown toe nail. I also got a prescription for orthotics as I figured that may solve my problem in the long term. But as for the short-term, I'm not exactly sure what to do. I want to see a physiotherapist, but someone who is more focused on the running/sports side and will help me get back to running. It has already been 5 days and I am going to go stir crazy! 5 days! Seriously, I don't know if I can handle this. My doctor said I could still get my cardio in by biking or swimming. But for me that isn't enough. I'm not sure about the biking stuff either as I feel discomfort when I'm sitting. I don't want to jump back into running too quickly either as this may set me back even further. Ugh... I'm just so frustrated right now. I think my best bet is to go see a physicaltherapist this week. I have to figure out if I am covered without a doctor's note as I forgot to get that on Friday. I saw a woman this morning running in the snow. I laughed and thought, she's crazy. Then I cried cause I couldn't join her. :( Sequence of events: - Dec 23rd -> experienced sharp pain while sitting @ work - took muscle relaxers the 1st week. Didn't help. - Week of Jan 3-8th I only did 1 workout but ran 3 times - Saturday Jan 8th I bought a foam roller. I have done stretches on them everyday since. It has helped relieve some pain. I also have been performing other stretches everyday since then too. - Last day I ran & did weights was Monday Jan 10th, I haven't performed any exercises since then. - Monday (Jan 10th) foot pain started and by Tuesday I realized it was an ingrown toenail - Tuesday (Jan11th) was the last day I wore my doc martins - Wednesday & Thursday no pain while I was sitting, the 1st time since Dec 23rd. Other items: I have had some lower back pain on & off since April 2010, but only some sore muscles after a long run. I would stretch & take a hot epsom salt bath and pain would go away. It wasn't until Dec 23rd I experienced the sharp pain up my back. I started wearing new running shoes after Christmas, but only about 4 times, the other times I was wearing an older pair that I used while training for the marathon last summer. Were the shoes over used? Quite possibly. Any advice? I'm willing to hear it. I will take it with a grain of salt of course. Everybody is different. At this point though, I think my best bet is to go to a physiotherapist.

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