Back to the gym!

I have been neglectful of my workouts since early September, when I was starting to taper for the marathon. I did get back into the running quickly after the marathon and have been running twice a week during the week after work. Since Daylight Savings Time ended this morning, I have decided to go back to the gym. Running in the dark is not for me. A woman alone in the dark, not so good.
I have come up with a new workout plan.

Quadriceps - Machine Leg Press
Hamstrings - Good Morning
Calves - Seated Calf Press
Back - Lat Pull Down
Back - Cable Seated Row
Deltoid (Side) Dumbbell Lateral Raise
Chest - Barbell Bench Press
Biceps - cable bicep curl
Triceps - cable tricep pushdown
Abdominal - ab crunch on ball
Obliques - Seated Twist

Legs & abs will be 12 - 15 reps / 2 - 3 sets
Arms, Back, Chest & Deltoid - 10 - 12 reps / 2 - 3 sets

Still running 3 days a week for now. I'm just running 40 minutes on Monday & Wednesdays & running 8 kms on weekends. Starting Nov 29th, I will be officially training for the half-marathon in May. w00t!

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