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I have started up my gym membership again. This summer I did lots of running outside, but the cooler weather and short days have prompted me to go back indoors.

This week I went back to the gym. I am doing a 2 day split work out:

Day #1 & 3
lever pec deck fly
dumbbell squat
dumbbell incline bench press
lever seated hip adduction
dumbbell shoulder press
lever standing calf raise
cable triceps pushdown

Day #2 & 4
lat pulldown
machine leg curl
cable seated low row
lever seated hip abduction
bar upright row
dumbbell biceps curl
ab crunch on a ball

This is a push/pull workout that I got from

I am still going to run 4 times a week, plus 1 day I will crosstrain (either a spin class or crosstrainer). I will only run 3 to 5 miles per session. I am going to train for a half-marathon in April, but full training won't start until November/December. I'm trying to find some good training programs online as I need to work on my intervals and speed training.

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