Around the Bay

I ran my 1st Around the Bay today. Now I only ran the last 15km as I did the relay with a friend. It was the last 1/2 that I did and it was crazy hilly. Although the 1st few hills weren't too bad, it was the last 2 hills that killed my achilles heals. Specifically the last hill, known as "Reaper's Hill". I ran up the hill. Ok, more like a jog but I didn't walk it. When I got up to the top and started running a little faster I could feel some kind of pull in my achilles heal on both legs. Not good. I had to slow down even though the last 3 km is a slight decline. I figured if I stopped and walk I may not want to continue, but just a light jog felt fine.
I poured it on in the end and my personal time was 1:38:39 and my team's time (The Geeky Chicks) was 3:25:29.

Here's my Runkeeper map:

It was a great race and I enjoyed my time. Way to go Geeky Chicks! :)

NOTE: Sometimes the maps don't show up, sometimes they do. You can click the 'View details' link within the iframe above. It will take you there.

UPDATE: The Geeky Chicks came in 166th place out of 250 2-person relay team.

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