April 2015

Harry Spring Run Off Race Report 2015

Woke up at 7am and had oatmeal with a banana. Had all my gear lined up the night before and took my time getting ready. Thankfully I did all my bathroom stuff before I left for the race. Perfect! Left early to make sure I got to the race site.



My First Gynecologist Appointment

I finally had my first gynecologist appointment for my fibroids. I had all sorts of questions for her like what are my options? Wait time for surgery? Medication to delay/stop fibroid growth? But she had questions for me first. She wanted to know my medical history of course. Have I had surgery before, allergies, have I been pregnant etc... One of the questions she asked about was my alcohol consumption. I've been down to once a month, which is what I told her, so she asked if that was a new thing and yes it was.

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