February 2015

1 Month of Ironman Training

Can't believe I've been doing this IM training for a month. So far so good, but this week was a little difficult. I got my period this week and because of the fibroids it's a lot heavier then it has been. I had been on birth control (on and off) for 23 years so I'm not used to this heavy bleeding thing. I started my period on Thursday and by Saturday afternoon I just felt exhausted. Then it occured to me that I hadn't been taken my iron supplements so I started that back up again. Need to be more consistent on that. Hopefully that will help.


Over thinking the fibroids

This week of training was slightly difficult for me. Again ups and downs. It started with my usual Monday swim class. My instructor was sick so we had a substitute. She noticed that I was crossing my hands too much so she told me to really separate my arms for a few lengths and then after awhile it would come back into place properly. Tried that and it certainly helped. And Wednesday swim where we did some fast swimming. I found my 50m and 100m swims haven't really gotten faster, my 50m was just under 1min and my 100m was 2:15. Not great, but I'm happy with that. I need to get faster.

UTI and fibroids

IM training has been going pretty well. I've been able to keep my energy at a good level and not feeling as fatigue as I had been. Making sure to eat properly but I've had a few bad days where I eat junk. It's difficult for me to eat so healthy for so many days in a row. I'm used to eating junk food every other day, but I feel the affects a lot faster then I have before so it helps to stay on course.


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