January 2015

First week of training for Ironman Muskoka

I have finished my 1st week of training for Ironman Muskoka 2015 and considering I ended up getting sick this week (a sinus cold) it was a great week. By the end of the week I was much better. I have been quite excited about training for my first Ironman, but recently I have found out I may get sidelined.


Second Week of IM Training and a Bike Fit

My 2nd week of IM Training has gone very well. So far so good. My week always starts with TTC swimming . This is a coach lead swim session. I've been at this since late September last year and have found it enjoyable. I'm one of those people that like to do most of my exercising alone (except long bike rides). But I've been finding these workouts helpful as the coach has helped me improved my form. On that day I had my stroke correct, but wasn't gliding, so quick strokes. After that I was able to get my glide correctly.

3rd week of IM Training

The 3rd week of IM training had some ups and downs. It started off on Monday with a swimming session with TTC. I had dinner before the swim and was still hungry after eating that I had some almonds and a banana. Stupid move, I felt so sluggish and moved so slow. I even had the pregnant woman nipping at my feet when doing the drills. I must remember to have just a snack, not a complete dinner that close to the swim. Lesson learned.


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