November 2010

Back to the gym!

I have been neglectful of my workouts since early September, when I was starting to taper for the marathon. I did get back into the running quickly after the marathon and have been running twice a week during the week after work. Since Daylight Savings Time ended this morning, I have decided to go back to the gym. Running in the dark is not for me. A woman alone in the dark, not so good.
I have come up with a new workout plan.

Preliminary Training

I start my preliminary training this coming week for the Mississauga half-marathon. I don't start my "real" training until mid-January. I still will be running only 3 times a week, but my 1st run of the week will be tempo runs. Thursday will be just a regular run & Saturday or Sunday will be my long runs. Easing back into it, I won't be running too long my 1st week or so, but my 3rd week my long runs will be 10k+. Sweet. Getting really sick of 8k runs as my long runs. It just isn't enough.

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